Filling in Sparse Eyebrows for round faces

Let’s get straight to it. If you’ve already read my previous post, you will already be clued up on the fact that round faced beauties should go for a brow that has a high arch. Remember, angles give you an illusion of longevity whereas rounded/curved eyebrows make your face seem…well, more round! 

Let’s take a look at Christina Ricci and the difference good angled eyebrows makes to her face.

Rounded/Not-so defined Brows
Defined Arched brow

 Now that we have covered how much of a difference a well shaped brow makes, lets look at the fair few of us who have sparse eyebrows and whether waxing/tweazing/threading is a good idea.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with any of the aforementioned grooming methods. Please do not take a razor to your eyebrows, (it will only end in disaster). However, when you do have sparse eyebrows you have to really think twice before removing any hair as that one tweaze/pluck could result in rudeboy eyebrow slits!

Now on to the good stuff, drawing on your eyebrows to enhance them. I use Sleek Makeup’s Brow kit which is available in 4 different colours (I use dark).

It comes with two parts, a “shaping wax” or what I like to call the ‘brow gel’ and powder. two brushes, an angled one  and a rounded one and even a pair of mini tweezers (extra points for this). 

(1) Start by combing out your brow hair so it all faces the same direction and you can determine where your arch will be.
(2) Then, by dipping the angled brush in the brow gel and start at the point in your eyebrow halfway between the start of your eyebrow and the arch…luckily I have a beauty spot to help me locate where! (3) Follow your arch round and swoop the angled brush to the end of you brow. Neaten up the end of your eyebrow by dipping into the shaping wax once again.

(4) Next, by only using whats left on your angled brush, brush from the arch to the start of the eyebrow (the part closest to your nose).
(5) Then, using the rounded brush swish it around in the powder and fill in the sparse parts of your eyebrows. At this point it doesnt matter if your eyebrow looks very angular or too bold because the final step requires you to..
(6) Neaten up the edges of your new eyebrows using a Q-tip and voila! there you have it, an easy guide to filling sparse eyebrows. 

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