Emirates Air Line – Cable Cars

Whether you’re just visiting London or you live in the fabulous city, the Emirates Air line Cable cars are an attraction you must visit.
The line goes from the Greenwich Peninsula (near the o2) all the way to the Royal Victoria Docks and you’re required to purchase a ticket. Oyster cards also work if you have one handy, but unfortunately travelcards don’t. You can buy a one way ticket or a 360 return ticket.

Having been on both, the London Eye and the Shard, the cable cars are a very different experience; albeit slightly scarier.
The voiceover that fills the car throughout the journey does get slightly tedious as none of us were interested in the facts. Plus, with my fear of heights, having the 295ft height explained in depth to me didn’t really help. It would be good if they had a volume/mute button.

As with everything, the best viewing time is sunset and we were lucky enough to just catch the last car ride (8pm) as the sun was setting. Despite being privileged enough to see this view on most days, the view from the air line was still breathtaking.

Simple yet suitable fun for all ages!

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