Leonhardy Swarovski Crystal Makeup Brushes Review

For a long time now I’ve been after brushes that are good quality but also aesthetically pleasing because you know, blog props. I’ve searched and searched but hadn’t yet found anything good enough. That is until last Friday, when on my doorstep landed 5 stunning brushes embellished with real Swarovski crystals!

The brushes are from a German brand called Leonhardy and the range is part of the Crystal Makeup Brush collection.

LeonHardy Crystal Brushes

I received two separate boxes that contained the two different type of brushes. Three of the brushes had three Swarovski crystals embedded down the brush and the other two were filled with Swarovski crystal in the actual brush itself – a bit like the pens. On first impressions, I was very very impressed! The crystal filled ones were slightly heavy but nothing too worrying.

The bristles are very high quality synthetic and feel so soft. I have very sensitive skin and sometimes even bristles can irritate my skin so I was really relieved when I felt these. I’ve tried these out for a few days and I just wanted to go through each brush and let you know my thoughts.

Lash comb and brush – The eyebrow/eyelash brush has a different look to the other three. Yes they are Swarovski crystals inserted into the handle! The eyebrow brush combs through my eyebrows perfectly distributing the eyebrow powder I had applied. I used the comb to go through my lashes after applying mascara to help separate them. I purposely used a mascara that goes clumpy on me to see how the comb worked. It was great, it got rid of the clumps and separated my lashes great. Washing and drying was easy, the clumps of mascara were easy to remove, and it dried very quickly.

Shadow sponge – In all honesty, I didn’t think they made these anymore. I was especially surprised to see it in a luxury makeup brush set. Still, I gave it a shot and I now love using the brush to help bring eyeshadow under my eye without dusting it straight into my eye(!) which is usually what happens with a brush.

LeonHardy Crystal Makeup Brushes

Lip Brush – The lip brush is different to the ones that I’m used to. The brush is a lot larger and more pointed than i’ve come across before. I was a little bit apprehensive but after trying it out it’s brilliant! The brush is very dense so more product can transfer on to the bristles and therefore cover more surface area on the lips. I LOVE the pointed tip because it makes it so much easier to be neater, especially around the corners and cupids bow. I’ve always been advised by makeup artist friends to use a lip brush but never felt comfortable using one – until now. This is a serious makeup game changer!

Eyeshadow brush – This brush is both soft and sturdy, something I look for in an eyeshadow brush. It needs to be able to break up pressed eyeshadow and transfer directly on to my lids without irritating me or creating too much fall out (I don’t ask for much!). The best way to test an eyeshadow brush is to use loose pigments and boy did this brush perform well.  I’ve been trying to practise my eyeshadow looks a lot more and found that the shape of this brush is ideal to get right into my crease and give me a beautiful layer to follow my transitional shades. It’s a great weight to use and really lovely to hold. The eyeshadow brush washes perfectly and dries back to its original shape and softness.

I can tell with these brushes that a lot of time and effort has been put into them to ensure the highest quality of brushes were created. They feel amazing to hold and apply product brilliantly too. Leon Hardy brushes are vegan and vegetarian friendly too.

The brushes with the Swarovski crystal filled handles can at the moment only be purchased from Swarovski flagship stores in Vienna, Innsbruck and Crystal World Austria. They do retail at between 59 – 79 Euro, which to be fair it’s not all that bad. The black brushes with 3 crystals can be purchased from 10 – 15 Euro.

For now if you aren’t in any of the countries I’ve mentioned and you wish to have these beauties in your life, you can have a quick browse on the Total Partners website here.

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