Golf Kingdom Moby Adventure Golf Course Review

Keeping a 4 year old, 7 year old (and a 27 year old) occupied for a week is hard work. After some debating, we decided to take the kids to Moby Adventure Golf Course.

This crazy golf course is based on the legend of Moby Dick, the legendary whale that washed up in Dagenham in 1790. This course however is based in Chadwell Heath (Romford), literally alongside the A12. I’ve driven past a number of times and always wondered what it was because it’s not every day you see a washed up whale in the middle of Essex!

Moby Adventure Golf Course Review

Once we arrived we made our way to the reception to pay and collect our clubs and balls. The staff were kind enough to give us a spare ball just in case we were as terrible players as we looked! There are lockers on site so you don’t have to lug all your bits around. You do need to insert a pound which you will get back once you’re done. A word of warning though, try to remember everything that you will need before you put it into the locker because once you’ve entered the playing area via a locked gate, it’s difficult to get back in. The reception area also has a number of tables and chairs where you can take a break and have a drink or two. We didn’t end up having a sit down so I can’t comment on the food/drinks but the area did look quite cosy.

Golf Kingdom Moby Adventure Golf Course Review

The golf course is well laid out and the actual scenery is amazing. The course has an 8 metre waterfall and a huge boat right in the middle! As you work your way along the course you even get to play on the boat and even into the whales mouth. The only thing that spoils it a little bit is that it looks out on to the busy road, so I did get a little self conscious whilst doing my victory dance but who am I kidding that wasn’t going to stop me.

We got really lucky because the weather was on our side and there was no rain at all. With it being a Thursday afternoon, the course was pretty much empty bar two other families but I’d imagine on busy days it could get quite crowded. I liked that we were able to take our time and I’m not sure how enjoyable it would be if we were rushed.

Mini golf hole in one

One thing I did notice and was happy about was that the whole course was very well kept. It was clean, the grass was well maintained and even the water in the waterfall wasn’t mucky. Top marks on that front!

The holes are all laid out differently so you don’t end up getting bored. A word of warning though, at hole 17 there’s a strange door on the left that shakes and roars as you go past. The lovely ladies at reception do warn you but because it’s right at the end we forgot and the poor kids got quite scared. Once you end up at hole 18, your golf balls disappear down the hole so that you can’t be sneaky and play another round.

london crazy golf reviewThe prices are £9 for adults and £6.75 for children and £3.25 for under 5’s. Very reasonable and definitely worth the money. Would I visit again? Definitely. It’s suitable for all ages and a great day out to keep the kiddies occupied. I can’t say I was the best player in the world but I’d definitely go again to brush up on my skills!

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