My Self-Care Box

Recently my hormones have been all out of whack. I’ve had so much going on that it’s all taken a toll me. I’ve been more tired than usual and feeling a little bit down in the dumps. boo!

I decided to put together a self-care box to help me lift my spirits for whenever I need a little pick me up. I decided to pick a pink glittery box with a black bow on it. Nothing like giving yourself a little present when you’re feeling rubbish and who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?

Whenever I feel low, the best way for me to make myself feel better is by throwing myself into something completely different to what I’m doing. I decided to fill my box up with lots of distractions that would engage all my senses with all of my favourite things. Here’s what I filled my box up with:

1. Headphones – If it was back in the 90’s I would’ve put my walkman (yes I still have mine!) in or even some CD’s  but let’s face it, CD’s are pretty much redundant now. That and the fact that I don’t have anything that plays CD’s any more, so instead I’ve put in my favourite headphones by Skinny Dip. They’re so so cool, and a reminder for me to put on my favourite playlist on Spotify and sing my heard out with it.

2. Candles – I love love love the smell of Vanilla Lime Yankee candles. Usually the smell of vanilla really gives me a headache but this combination smells so delicious. It’s the scent that I often have around me when I’m blogging, so I associate it with fond memories and this year so many people got me vanilla lime candles for my birthday because they know how much I love it! There’s just something so magical about sitting surrounded by candles and curling up with a good film or book.

3. Bath Bombs – Lush have transformed bath times for me. At the moment I’ve got Dragon’s Egg waiting for me in my box. I’ve never used it before but it smells absolutely amazing. My usual favourite is Granny Takes A Dip, nothing quite like sitting in pool of glittery pink water and feeling like a mermaid.

4. Sweeties – I love sweet stuff so much. If it wasn’t so bad for you I’d definitely live on chocolates and cakes. I would put a cupcake in the box but I worry it would go stale so instead I’ve gone and bought some of my favourite sour sweets to give me my sugar fix.

5. Makeup – I’ll be honest, I’m awful at putting my own makeup on. I really struggle and because my eyes are so big, I can never find a tutorial for eyeshadows that suits my eyes. Still, when I get into it, I really get into it. There’s something about playing with makeup that makes me feel good and so of course I had to put an eyeshadow palette into the box.

6. Photo’s – I’m a huge fan of taking photos. Even before I was a blogger, I took photo’s anywhere I could. I have this urge to document my life, mostly because when I’m old I want to be able to look back at good times and smile. I purchased a polaroid photo printer a few years ago so that I could continue to print my photo’s even when things went completely digital.

7. Notebook – Weirdly enough, I find that I’m my most creative self when I’m full of angst or feeling sombre. I have some of my best ideas and so the last thing I’ve put in is a notebook (and a pretty pen) so that my ideas can go straight down. I’m hoping to keep this book in there and continue to work on the ideas by adding to them. Who knows what genius things I’ll come up with.

What things cheer you up when you’re feeling blue?


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