Yard Sale Pizza Review

Ever wanted to eat a pizza three times the size of your head? Yeah, me too. This is pretty much the sole reason why I found myself at Yard Sale Pizza in Clapton this week.

Yard Sale pizzas are served fresh from the oven in either 12-inch or 18-inch stonebaked sourdough rounds. Toppings range from classic margherita to a full on meat fest (Full House).

Yard Sale Pizza

Yard Sale Pizza

There aren’t very many tables so you kind of have to hedge your bets or maybe book in advance. They do however deliver so if you’re local then you’re pretty much sorted if hunger ever strikes.

The vibe is super chilled and friendly and I was digging the decor. Plants, neon signs and cute table set ups? Check, check and check!

As if they couldn’t do any better, the dough is vegan, and they have vegan cheese and gluten free bases available too. Impressive.

For mains we decided to order the Pepe le pew which was fresh garlic, red onion, jalapenos & parmesan.
If you’re after strong flavours and possibly a free prize of garlic breath to go then this is the one for you. We also got some garlic pizza bread too. The garlic bread can be topped with either cheese or even cheese and marmite.

Yard Sale Pizza

Yard Sale Pizza

The garlic pizza bread was pretty much garlic naan that you get in Indian restaurants. I’m not complaining though as it tasted pretty good.

At £18 for an 18inch pizza, you really can’t complain. The base is thinly rolled out so even though it’s a huge pizza you’re not thinking you’ve made a huge mistake after just one slice. It’s enough for three people to eat from and £6 each is definitely worth it.

Yard Sale PizzaYard Sale Pizza

My small gripe is that chilli oil is classed as a dip and you have to pay £1 for it. I’m not sure how much they give up but I was just confused. The cutlery that’s kept out on the tables is wooden, which is also slightly strange.

I have no qualms about eating with my hands though (perks of being Indian) and so I loved it all. Every darn piece of it.

Yard Sale Pizza

Would I go to Yard Sale again? Definitely. It’s worth travelling out to if you’re craving American style sourdough pizza.

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