How To Channel The 70s Trend This Autumn

What’s wrong with looking retro you say? Absolutely nothing at all! In fact I have been binge watching That 70s Show and I’m getting all of the fashion tips. The only problem is, how well would I be able to pull it off in 2018?

With Autumn fashion in full swing and the earthy tones making it’s comeback, it’s actually not that hard to bring the 70s into my wardrobe.


The 70s were a decade of textural fabrics: cord, chunky knits, BIG Borg coats. If you look around the high street, these are ALL so accessible. The one I’ve got my eye on in particular is Corduroy. All thanks to the catwalk previews, cord is everywhere and, weirdly enough I like it more than I thought I would. I bought that Topshop Cord pinafore dress in Burgundy two years ago and it looks like I’m going to be holding on to it for another year!

Topshop are still bang on trend with all the cord pieces but here are some of my faves from them and a few other store:

Dark Florals:

Dark Florals? For Autumn? Goundbreaking. (If you know where that’s from then we’re going to get along VERY well!) Not big bold florals, but small elegant motifs on a dark fabric is perfect for this season.


Brown is the new black this season and even though I’m not into wearing the colour brown, biscuit hues are calling out to me! They look amazing in all sorts of pieces and honestly, I found it so hard to pick just a few favourites.


Keeping with the textures this season, velvet in jewelled tones is hot. I’m obsessed with the luxe look and feel of it. Strong structured pieces look amazing and are perfect to continue to wear into the festive season.

Which of the trends are you going to be sporting this season?

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