Ma’ Plucker Halal Restaurant Review

Tucked away on the very aptly named Beak Street, Ma’Plucker is a little hidden gem situated in Soho. I’ve been before and if I’m in the area and in the mood for fast, filling food this is one of the first places I think of. As soon as you walk in there is always someone there to greet you in such a welcoming and friendly way. They’re not fussy with where you sit and I love that they have hooks for coats and jackets everywhere.

Ma’Plucker has a quirky, retro interior going on and although it looks pretty tiny from the outside, it’s not so bad on the inside. The tables are roomy and seating is not bad either. It was completely empty when we went but I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too cramped when it’s peak time.

Ma'Plucker Soho

Ma'plucker menu

Inspired by the flavours of the deep South, the main menu features chicken in every which way you can think from Crispy coated, buttermilk dipped to Pulled. Even though we were all starving, it took us a while to figure out which combo or burger to go for because it all sounded amazing. In the end we opted for the Buttermilk dipped Chicken and Halloumi bun and the Rotisserie Chipotle Chicken with salad and MP Chicken Skin Gravy.

All the chicken on the menu is halal and since they don’t serve any other meat there is no risk of cross contamination. Don’t panic if you’re not 100% feeling chicken because there is a ‘Crack n Cheese’ deep fried mac n cheese burger which actually sounded pretty amazing tbh.

Ma'Plucker Halal Review
Ma'Plucker Buttermilk and Halloumi burger
Ma'Plucker Halal Review
I loveee that they are fully stocked up with condiments on each table and even have “the good chilli sauce” (aka Frank’s). The fries come in cute little cups and another big thumbs up from me because they have extra
sharp knives.

Since we were the only people in the restaurant the food came out in no time and it smelt amazing. The check in the burgers were fresh and the halloumi (which I’m generally not a fan of) to my surprise didn’t taste rubbery at all! I do think the buns could have been fresher though. I have to say, the Chipotle rotisserie chicken was probably the best part of the meal and definitely great value for money as the plate was huge.

Ma'Plucker Halal Review

Please excuse my face, we met up after a longggg hard day at work!

If you take into consideration the location, the food is pretty reasonably priced. All in all, it’s a straight forward no frills eatery with comfort food which is often needed after a long day of shopping on Oxford Street. I have to say I am gutted that once again I was too full to try out the dessert menu but I will definitely be back to it try out and of course the afternoon tea they offer.



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