B Street Deli

Just off the hustle and bustle of London bridge, located on the corner of Bermondsey Street and Tyers Gate is this tiny little gem; B Street Deli.

With a vast array of vibrant flowers outside the deli, B is pretty hard to miss. I was lucky enough to be given some rainbow roses from B’s selection which I absolutely loved.
As you enter this small hideaway, you’ll be wow-ed by the striking decor. The walls are covered with hessian sacks of coffees from around the world, and there’s bar style seating across one side of the deli. If rustic-chic needed a definition, B would be it.

After closer inspection of the antipasti they had on display, it was pretty obvious that calling this place a cafe would be a slight insult as they only used the finest of foods – “artisan cheese, antipasti, organic fresh bread, and specialty volcano coffee” boasts their website.
The staff are all friendly and extremely accommodating and since I’m not a ham/bacon eater, they were happy to make me a bespoke sandwich of my choice.

They ofter a take-away service, as will as catering for bigger occasions and creating platters. Additionally, in the evening, the atmosphere becomes even more relaxed as you can go to enjoy a drink. My only tiny criticism is that there is not a lot of seating, however since they’ve done such a great job, even i’ve had to remind myself, it’s a deli and not a restaurant.

Considering it’s based in central London and the foods are all organic and locally sourced, the prices aren’t too expensive either.If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

B is definitely for Brilliant!

B Street Deli, 88 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3UB. Tel: 020 7403 3943

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