What Is Double Cleansing And Do I Need To Do It

Recently there seems to be a new trend in the beauty world every single week and let’s face it it’s getting pretty damn tough to keep up. Luckily I’m on hand to give you the low down on what’s what. Recently the term “double cleanse” is cropping up everywhere and more and more skin experts and beauty brands are getting behind it.

Double Cleanse hose pipe

 So what exactly is double cleansing?

Initially I just thought that double cleansing was washing your face twice. Turns out it’s exactly that. Most people do it anyway, but it helps to know why you should be doing it and the right way to do it.


Why should I double cleanse?

Now I know the cynics and skint students will be thinking this is just a ploy to get everyone to buy more products and for the beauty industry to make even more money than they already do. Technically, this could be true but when you actually take a minute to think about it, double cleansing really does make sense. The dual cleansing process not only helps you purify your skin from the things you expose it to, it also prepares your skin for optimal absorption of other products such as moisturisers, anti-acne and anti-ageing products.
Sunscreens, water proof makeup and even primers are made to sit on your skin and not move. This will ultimately end up clogging up your pores and resulting in dreaded breakouts if it’s not removed daily.
If the threat of spots is not enough to get you started then remember, regular exfoliation and a good cleansing regime has been proven to keep your skin looking youthful and more radiant, and who doesn’t want that?


How exactly do I do it?

Double cleansing is (surprise surprise) a two step process. The first step should be removing the oils, dirt and makeup off your face. For this I’d recommend using a cleansing oil or if you have oily skin and/or prone to breakouts use a cleansing milk instead. They work best because first of all we don’t want to go full on crazy and dry out your skin at all and secondly cleansing oils are great because oil attracts oil, grime & dirt. It’s not abrasive to skin in any way, all you need to do is swipe some of the product around your face for a bit and it should all come off on to your cotton pad.
Micellar water which has been a huge hit with high street beauty brands contain tiny micelles (microscopic oil spheres) so they work in exactly the same way. As much as they’re marketed as”no water needed”, you really should be using water as a follow up to cleaning your face.
The second step should be a much deeper cleanse on your already clean canvas. Now that you’ve gotten the makeup and muck off, you’re working on your actual skin itself. Exfoliation, skin brushing and facial cloths all work brilliantly at this stage because any dead skin, environmental pollution and even sweat that has worked it’s way into your pores can be removed much easily.
If you have sensitive skin, try not to exfoliate daily and instead find a good cleanser that works for you. Dermalogica’s special cleansing gel works brilliantly for sensitive skin because it doesn’t upset the natural moisture of the skin i.e. no drying out.


How often do I need to do it?

The good thing about double cleansing is that you only need to do it once a day. The not so good news is that it’s at the end of the day when you’re usually knackered and ready to crash, There’s no denying that it’s a long process but if it takes you time to put all your war paint on, take some time to take it all off properly.


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