Bird Restaurant Shoreditch Review

Ah Shoreditch, the hipster haven. The place where the simplest of delicacies can be turned into a hyped up restaurant. which is probably why it didn’t come to me as much of a surprise when Bird opened up. It’s in the name really – a fancy friend chicken restaurant. By fancy I’m referring to the lack of grime covered walls and actual cutlery on the tables. Despite living very close to one of the Bird branches, I’ve really put off going to visit, mainly because I’m not a fan of fried chicken. Don’t hate me, but I don’t really enjoy the taste too much however last week, after a long day at the Asian Bridal show my friends and I were absolutely famished and decided to pop in.

Bird Restaurant Shoreditch Review

The restaurant itself is pretty big and good news if you’re hungry because it’s also really easy to find (it’s actually next to a cute vintage shop, so do pop in if you get the chance). The walls are all exposed brick work and cute framed pictures of chickens. It has a rustic 70’s Texan diner feel to it which I really liked.

Unfortunately, the good feels stopped as soon as we stepped inside. My friends and I walked in and we pretty much had to seat ourselves. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with picking where we want to sit but a little acknowledgement from staff would have been nice. It wasn’t even crazy busy! The menus are already on the table and since we were so hungry we pretty much decided what we wanted straight away. Now, I do like to be given a while to weigh up what I want to eat but 20 minutes without any acknowledgement on whether we were ready to order was quite annoying. Still, I decided not to get hangry and went over to get a waiter to take our order.

The staff are all dressed in their own clothing so it’s difficult to distinguish who works there. Not that I think uniform is necessary, because I don’t, but when staff are just standing around chatting it’s difficult to approach them just in case they’re not actually staff!

After some tough decisions, my friends and I opted to order the following: Nashville Hot Burger, West Coast burger, Fried chicken, Waffles and syrup and an abundance of cheesy Korean fries. Whilst we waited for food, I did my usual condiments check. They had some chilli sauce and chilli salt and that’s about it. I guess you don’t need much with fried chicken. They did however have hand wipes, you know those lemon scented hand sachets that you get in Dixy…yeah, those.
It took a long while for our food to come out and when it did eventually make it’s way to our table, one of the burgers was stone cold. We asked for it to be rectified and the same burger was returned to us. So I’m guessing they just stuck it in the microwave?

The burger I had (Nashville hot) was decent. Not amazing and to be perfectly honest it was what you’d get in your local PFC.The fries sounded funky and were disappointing. Very skinny, small fries (see pic). The waffles with chicken and maple syrup were surprisingly a combo that worked really well together. I would love to hae tried the waffle burger but it looks HUGE. The drinks selection is minimal, again exactly what you’d get in your local chicken shop.
The chicken is all halal so at least there’s one thing that I was pleased with!

All in all, for me it was just another hyped up place with overpriced food. I paid £15 when I could go to my local Sam’s and get 2 burgers for £2. I’ll b honest, I probably wouldn’t visit again but if you enjoy your fried chicken you might want to give it a go. I’d recommend trying the waffles with chicken/waffle burger as you probably can’t get that in, yep you guessed it, your local chicken shop.

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