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 There are so many beauty bloggers out there and there are endless swatches on MAC lipstick shades, that’s pretty obvious. So before typing this post I thought do I really need to do another one? After some thought, I’ve decided, well…yes! It’s extremely difficult to tell by looking at a swatch on someones skin that doesn’t match your own, whether it will suit you. 

So here’s my tester on a wheatish complexion – hopefully it will help a few people out.

I’ve never been a real red lipstick fan (on me) until very recently. One of my first purchases for a red was MAC Lady Bug. 

Lady Bug is part of their Lustre range, so it has a great sheen to it. It is extremely pigmented and applies on very easily. I have to say though, that because of how well it applies, its difficult to get smooth edges around your lips so a lip liner is something I would really need to think about using the next time I wear this lipstick. 

 The shade of red is a quite a bright red with a hint of orange. In layman terms – a tomato red. 

Alternatively, I prefer to think of it as a sophisticated red. It’s a shade often seen on by Angelina Jolie and we all know she oozes sophistication! 

So getting back to the point, will it suit a wheatish compexion? The answer is…not necessarily. I think if you have wheatish to olive skin complexions you should generally avoid orange based lip colours as they make your skin look more yellow than it is. See pictures (without flash) below.

Without foundation

 You will have to excuse the application. I definitely need to purchase a lip liner for smoother edges.

With foundation

Overall, it’s a stunning colour which really makes a statement; so much so, that you don’t need much else on your face to look pretty glam. However it’s not for everyone.

So if you have purchased a lipstick and later realised that it might not be the right shade for you, what should you do? 

Mix your shades! I used MAC Ruby Woo as a base (below) and used Lady bug on top. The colours mixed extremely well and the sheen from Lady Bug meant that my lips remained moisturised throughout the night!

What do you think of orange/orange based lipsticks? Do you like MAC lipsticks? Have you tried mixing shades before?

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