Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Review

Generally, I don’t get on to the makeup release hypes. I mean I always admire them (from afar) but I rarely ever wait for them excitedly. The one exception to this rule was the Backtalk Palette by Urban Decay. 

I waited MONTHS for this palette and even went ino the store to enquire about whther it had been released yet or come into store. Eventually it did and of course I bought it right away (and two more for my sisters!)

 Urban Decay Backtalk Palette
Urban Decay Backtalk Palette
Urban Decay Backtalk Palette

The shades are predominantly varieties of warm mauve and pink, which again, is because the palette was inspired by Urban Decay’s best selling Vice Lipstick in shade ‘Backtalk’ in the permanent line.

I love all of the colours because they are SO wearable and can be worn as everyday or glam looks. Best of all though is that if you turn the palette over, they’ve included blush and highlight too. Again, all very natural and wearable shades. It’s just SO perfect. 

In terms of pigmentation I was actually happy with it. I know there has been some talk in the beauty world about Urban Decay shadows not being very pigmented and admittedly some of the lighter colours are not the best but actually the palette is in no way disappointing. The swatches below are without any primer or any additional product to make the shades darker/more pigmented. They are just one touch swatches.

The shades are very easy to build up and just as easy to blend out. Sometimes I find that when shades are too pigmented they stick to the skin and take an age to blend out.

I also later learnt that the mirror is magnetic and comes off completely. This is something that ALL palettes need to adopt! It makes it so much easier to apply makeup and find the right light. Plus when you’ve finished with the palette you can keep easily keep the (double sided) mirror.

The palette costs £39.50 which I personally think is an absolute bargain considering you get 8 shadows and 4 shades of highlighting blush. It’s perfect for travel and versatile enough to do every day looks and night time glam.

Would I recommend it? Definitely. Would make a really nice gift too.

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