Mamma Dough Pizza Review

Mamma Dough, formerly SODO pizza has been on my radar for quite some time now. It is generally always featured on the top ten best places to get your sourdough fix in London so I had to take a trip.

I popped in mid afternoon on a Thursday to their Sydenham branch and despite it being very quiet, I really liked the chilled out vibe of the pizzeria.

The interior is light and airy, and has a rustic style, with wooden tables, white bricked walls and plants a plenty.

Mamma dough’s bases are made from a mix of organic rye, wholemeal and white flour. With a thin base and doughy crusts, they’re a bit of a half-and-half – far thicker than the thin based Roman-style pizzas served up at Homeslice or Pizza Union but not quite as fluffy or sour-tasting as the likes of Pizza Pilgrims and Franco Manca. The rye adds a delicious nutty flavour to the dough and the base, whilst thin, is lovely and soft. Honestly it is just perfect because it’s not stodgy and you’re not left feeling like you over-ate.

I opted for the John o’goat which is consists of tomato, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, olives & walnuts. I had completely overlooked the fact that it had walnuts on it when ordering so when it did arrive I was surprised, I still tucked in anyway!

So it turns out walnuts on pizza is not bad at all. It gives it a bit of depth – who knew! Although this pizza has very strong flavours from almost all of the toppings, it works and you can tell it was thought out really well.

The ingredients all tasted of great quality too, it was just really apparent that Mamma Dough knows exactly what she’s doing.

Price wise the pizza’s are very reasonably priced at £10. My friend and I ended up sharing as she had eaten a big breakfast but you can easily eat the whole thing or share between two.

Would I visit again? Definitely. It was quick service with great pizza options

Would I recommend it? Yes! I can definitely see why it’s always featured in the top 10 lists all over the internet.

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