5 Faves 10.07.2019

Here it is! My weekly round up of 5 favourite things that I have spotted and maybe even bought.

Damzel In This Dress

This is quite possibly my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment. It’s such an easy dress to wear (for a white one!). Admittedly the neck is quite low however I strategically placed a safety pin to cover up a bit more and it worked a treat. The dress is new stock and is pretty much at the front of every H&M store I’ve been to recently.

Purchase yours here.

Damzel In This Dress

Next up a very bold monochrome midi dress that I LOVE. Could it BE any more fierce? I love that it has sleeves too, a definite contender for my next few purchases from ASOS. I think it would look incredible with colour shoes/heels.

Purchase the dress here.

Damzel In This Dress

Gold never gets old and I love these earrings that have been off set with a pearl. The earring is gold plated so for £6 I think it’s a steal. They’re dressy but still kinda edgy. Will definitely be purchasing these too.

Get yours here.

Damzel In This Dress

This tux jumpsuit has grown on me. Wide leg jumpsuits are always more flattering for my pear shape so this has it all. I love the blush colour and the long sleeves. Perfect for an evening out without feeling too over dressed.

Purchase it here.

Moonlite review

Lastly I wanted to talk about Moonlite. It is the perfect gift for all aged kids. You use your phone light to shine pictures on to your ceiling or wall and the words come up on your phone screen for you to read. My nephew really looks forward to going to bedtime and you can buy an assortment of books aimed at different aged children. Would recommend!

Purchase yours here.

What things are you loving this week?

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