Shana Moulton Whispering Pines Review

My friend decided that she REALLY wanted to go to the Shana Moulton exhibition. I had no idea what it was and briefly read that it was based around anxiety so I agreed to give it a go.

Art hazard sign

As you enter the first gallery it is impossible not to say wow. You’re greeted by a huge tower and then the showpiece of the whole exhibition. It really is stunning and when you take time to watch the videos and read the guide it does make more sense. I mean as much sense as you can from obscure art.

With that being said though, I’m going to be honest and not try to pretend I knew what the exhibition was about. To me it was playful and kinda cool but at times it was just odd. 

Shana Moulton takes on the character of Cynthia who shares her every day struggles and explored present day obsessesion with self-care and wellness. 

I wish I could tell you more but I honestly don’t have a clue. 

The exhibition is free so if you do have some time to kill then you might want to consider this exhibition. 

Would I go again? Probably not. 

Would I recommend it? Um…only if you have time to kill and nothing else to do. 

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