Greenberry Cafe Review

Greenberry cafe has been on my list for about 2 years. The only reason I haven’t had a chance to visit is because I hate travelling to North London. 

Since I happened to be in the area it would’ve been rude not to. First of all I want to say that parking is a nightmare. Almost every single road is residents only so if possible don’t drive there. 

Greenberry Cafe

Greenberry cafe is BUSY. We got there about 12 and were told we would have to wait for a table. There’s nowhere to wait really but luckily there’s a few shops around to mill around in if you ever find yourself in the same sitch. 

The staff are really really nice. When we came back the matree de had remembered my name and gave us a really nice table. 

The tables are very closely pushed together so if you have a lot of bags then you might want to think about it. 

They do however have somewhere to hang up your coats and seat cushion covers if you need them. 

As you go in towards the back of the cafe, the floor is tiled with beautiful retro tiling that I couldn’t help taking a shoefie with. 

Greenberry Cafe

They have two separate menus so you can opt for lunch or brunch during the weekday. 

My friend ordered ‘the vegetarian’ which consists of two eggs, pan-fried halloumi, Haas avocado, Portobello mushroom & slow roast tomato, sourdough toast; whilst I ordered Roast squash, cherry tomatoes, feta & pomegranate on spinach with poached egg & sumac. I also ordered some toast to go with it.

Greenberry Cafe
Greenberry Cafe

The food arrived surprisingly quickly and it was really good. Everything tasted like quality ingredients (it turns out that their eggs are old breed Burford Browns from Clarence Court) and was seasoned well. There’s not much more to say really except I loved it!

Would I go again? Definitely. It might even convince me to travel to North London more! 

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. 


What are your thoughts?

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