Matilda: The Musical

If you haven’t read or even seen the film ‘Matilda’ as a child, then i’m sorry to say your childhood was incomplete. Fear not however, if you are one of those shuffling nervously in your seat – I see you – because Matilda has been revived, this time in the form of a musical.

Roald Dahl, one of the world’s greatest story tellers has gripped the imaginations of children and adults alike for years. He wrote a number of infamous children’s books, and most people usually find it difficult to pick a favourite. Matilda however always brings back great memories for me; so you can probably imagine my excitement when my friends and I got tickets to see it played out infront of us!

From the moment I walked in I was awe-struck at the beautifully framed stage, overflowing with letters and books. I knew right away it would be an amazing show.

Entering the theatre

The story is acted out wonderfully, with the characters – the wormwood’s in particular playing their parts magnificently. The story is also given added depth as Matilda tells an elaborate parallel story to her friend, the librarian, about an escapologist and an acrobat. This tale gives the otherwise fun filled show, a more meaningful depth and the feelings of Matilda’s loneliness and disappointment resonates through.

Much to my surprise (although not entirely sure why) the iconic Miss Trunchbull was played by David Leonard! He did a fantastic job and whats a musical without drag, right?

I wouldn’t advise you to watch the film just before you go watch the musical as the two are very different and personally I don’t think you can even compare the two.. Although they both capture the essence of the book, it’s done in a completely innovative way. The show has of course been recognised for this and has now made it across the globe to Broadway where it has won 4 Tony awards. In total the show now has 47 international awards. Amaze! 


All in all, I had a fantastic time. After a long arduous week, Matilda the musical gave me a few hours of fantastical escapism that I would recommend to anyone of any age!

Have you seen the musical yet? What was your favourite part?

Love R x


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