Review: Topshop Peel Off Nails

As part of their S/S range, Topshop have bought out a peel off nail varnish range.I’m a huuuuge fan of novelty products and so of course I had to try it.

They’ve only got 4 colours out at the moment and I decided to buy “on the blink”

So how does it work? 

Paint on two coats and when you’re bored of it, peel it off!

The varnish itself doesn’t have the distinct smell that other nail varnish’s do, i’m guessing because it is solvent free(?)

Excuse the dodgy paint job! :$

It also has an ever so slight sticky/rubbery feel to it initially but either it’s gone or i’ve gotten used to it within 10 minutes.


So is it really that easy?

Well no. I did have some trouble peeling it off the first time I used it. It may have been because I used 3 coats instead of two or perhaps because I left it on for about 5 days, i’m not entirely sure but I made it even worse by attempting to use nail varnish remover to remove it. DO NOT use remover as it will just remove the shine and leave a matt blotch on your nail. After hours of scratching away and consulting my dear friend Google, I found the best way to remove it was scrubbing it with hot water.


Easy to apply

Dries very quickly

Peels off!


Can be streaky even after two coats

If you leave it on for too long it’s difficult to peel off

Doesn’t come off with normal nail varnish remover

Is it worth it?

Yes! I think it’s a novelty beauty item that everyone should have, especially those that don’t wear varnish very often. It saves you the hassle of walking around looking for remover, it doesn’t chip as easily as you think it would and the colours are fab!

R x

Topshop Peel Off Nails in On the Blink £6/10ml via Topshop Buy it here


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