Fashion Faux Pas – Double Denim

Denim has been big big BIG this S/S. As with every trend there’s a fatal faux pas that MUST be avoided at all costs and this one is one of my biggest pet peeves – Double Denim

So what exactly is double denim you might ask? Here’s a pic that sums it up beautifully.

Britney Spears (left) and her then boyfriend, singer Justin Timberlake of the group NSYNC arrive backstage at the 28th Annual American Music Awards 08 January 2001

Denim on denim.
This pic is twice as bad with the matchy matchy. They went for cute and instead made my eyes bleed.

Although some fashionista’s insist it’s fine as long as the colours contrast – See Alexa Chung below


I still think you can only just about get away with it with different colours altogether. So when it comes to double denim – Double DON’T!

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