Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Cream Kit Medium Review and Swatches

I’ve never been a contour queen. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s done, it looks like real life magic! It amazes me that you can go from plain Jane to a Kardashian-esque beauty, in a matter of minutes. I’ve always been a lazy girl when it comes to makeup though and so the thought of dabbing away at my face with a sponge in order to create a seamless, flawless look just seems like A LOT of effort. However, with all that being said I have to admit I’ve finally been sucked in by the countless Instagram pictures and videos of beautifully chiselled faces and I had to give it a go myself.

This birthday I got gifted the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Medium and it is just beautiful. The palette is an absolute work of art in itself with sleek black packaging and clear perspex lid that displays the colours of the kit. The ABH logo embossed in rose gold in the corner is subtle but very classy which I love. Nothing I hate more than brands that over do it with logos.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit Medium

ABH Cream Contour Kit colours

There are six pans of different shades/colours:

Banana – A very yellow shade which is great for highlighting
Cream – Great for setting any colour correction and for a base highlighter (depending on your skin tone)
Warm Coral – Great for colour correcting
Ash Brown – Perfect for contouring or adding subtle shadows.
Cinnamon – Great for creating the illusion of shadows.
Chocolate – Perfect for creating deeper shadow effects.

I must admit, I was a little bit baffled at the Warm Coral when I first picked up the palette but now that I’ve actually used the palette regularly, I’m SO glad it’s in there. As I’ve mentioned above, it’s amazing for colour correcting any dark circles.

ABH Cream Contour Kit Medium

Just by looking at it, you can tell the kit is super pigmented and really creamy. As soon as I put my finger to the pan, it was like it melted the cream and I knew straight away that it was going to be really easy to blend out. I tested it with my fingers, a brush and a sponge to see which I found most comfortable to use. Above all, I preferred a blending sponge. Although some product does get left on the sponge, it provided great pick up without being too messy. My fingers worked really well and of course I was able to deposit more product on to my face but again – mess. The brush worked the least well. I’m guessing because it’s so creamy, it was just really hard for the bristles to pick up as much product as I needed.

In terms of longevity, my full face of makeup stays on all day long. You can very very easily get 8 hours+ wear without your contour moving out of place. My skin is combination though and I have only used the kit with a primer.
*update* I’ve used the kit without a primer and it’s still looking pretty good after a full day at work and then an evening meal!

ABH Cream Contour Kit Medium Swatches

I have pitted acne scarring on my cheeks which I’m always pretty conscious about. In all honesty, it’s the reason why I stayed from contouring for so long. The idea that the darker shades would settle into my scarring making them look more prominent really just put me off.
I am however really trying to embrace my flaws so I gave it a go and honestly I was worrying for absolutely no reason at all. The ABH Cream Contour Kit blends out so well that nothing settled in my pores or scars at all. It just blurred out and mixed in with my foundation so well that I was really very shocked.

I have learnt that you do have to be generous with how much you use to see the full extent of how transformative contouring is. It won’t look cake-y at all, just blend, blend blend!

This Eid I tried I tried out a full face for the first time in ages and try as I might, it was really difficult to capture the look on camera. Partly because I was rushed off my feet but also because my contour was very subtle in natural lighting. I did however get a candid photo that I like (Yes I’m now using it as my DP on EVERYTHING!) that shows off a little bit of my hand at contouring.


Priced at £39 it is pretty expensive but if I’m honest, you’re not going to find anything else like it. It’s worth every penny and what’s even better is that the pans are refillable. So if you use more of some shades than others, you can easily replace those without having to fork out another £39 for a full replacement.

Some useful tips for contouring:

What are your favourite products to use for contouring?




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  1. Humaira says:

    I remember when this was EVERYWHERE! Every blogger and MUA was using it. I feel like with the cheaper alternatives, it kind of fell out of favour, but it’s still on my wish list haha. You look stunning in your candid photo Mashallah!

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