Poached Beckenham Review

I’m sure you’re all very aware by now that I love a good brunch. Suddenly I’ve become somewhat of a brunch connoisseur and not any old fry up is going to do. I’ve become picky about the places that I eat and I am pretty good at spotting a good place to eat eggs from a mile off – Poached was one of them.

Directly outside Beckenham station is a teeny tiny cafe called Poached. It has utilised the tiniest of spaces and turned it into a glorious little cafe. It’s cosy enough to sit in without feeling completely claustrophobic, which is admirable and a tough job to pull off in such a tight space. I love how they’ve turn the outside of the cafe (closest to the station) into something “instagrammable” with hanging wisteria and of course the option to dine al fresco.

The menu is surprisingly larger than the cafe itself ha. Their take on breakfast is different to anywhere I’ve seen before so I was eager to give it a try. 

After great deliberation we ended up ordering Red Hot Chilli Eggs, which is sweetcorn-fritters, crushed avocado, poached eggs, sweet chilli jam and coriander cress. I wasn’t too sure how I would feel about the sweet-chilli jam but to be honest it worked well with the fritters.

I’m sure you can tell by the photos that the presentation was spot on and to be fair the service was really friendly too. They don’t have an iced mocha on the menu but they were fine with making one up for me (it was delicious btw).

The prices are definitely “London prices” so if you’re used to them it won’t make a difference but I guess for a local cafe they do appear to be steep. It is worth the money though, as you definitely won’t get this food elsewhere in Bromley! 

There is practically no parking however the Waitrose is tucked away just behind so if you did a tiny shop you can park your car for 90 minutes.

Would I recommend it? If you’re local, then you definitely have to try it out.

Would I go again? I’m going again this Saturday!

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