Beauty & The Bear Gummies Review

One question I get asked a lot is what vitamins I would recommend. My answer to that is always the same – What do you want them for? It’s a tough question because it is just so personal to each person. Recently the symptoms of my B12 and Folic acid deficiency had come back in full force and I was determined to start taking some kind of supplement. I had noticed that my hair was falling out at an alarming rate and suddenly it was like a lightbulb went off. I needed to take a B12 supplement to help my hair fall out (or at least I was hoping!).

If I’m honest, they all seem really complex and a lot of them are not suitable for vegetarians/halal. Researching them became overwhelming and I didn’t know what would help me.

Thank god for algorithm’s I guess because just as I logged on to Instagram that week an ad popped up for Beauty and The Bear gummy vitamins. I went on to their website and was seriously impressed; they seemed to cover all bases because they have Biotin, Zinc, Panothenic Acid and was also:

I did see that they cost £19.99 for just one month and I was a little bit put off. I mean, yes you can’t put a price on health but for me it was a little bit steep to pay for something that I didn’t know if it would work or not. In the end I decided against purchasing and waited a while. I still kept checking back at the website and eventually they had an offer for 3 months supply for £18.99. Perfect! I hit the purchase button right away and couldn’t wait for smooth, thick, glossy hair.

They arrived the next day and I got stuck in right away. I can confirm that they taste exactly like strawberry sweets. 
I usually like something sweet after dinner and since I’m trying to lower my chocolate in take, these have come in really handy!

So how did I get on?

Results after one month: In terms of consistency I’ve been takng these almost every single day. I think I only forgot to take them on one day which is very shocking for me. I am the least consistent person. I never finish a course of anything!

So one month in and one bottle down have I noticed any results? Truthfully, the results are minimal. I had hoped for thick flowing locks but I mean common sense says this was nver going to happen but a girl can dream right?

What I did notice however was that my skin was slightly looking better. I haven’t changed my skin care routine or intoduced any new products at all this month so I’m convinced the gummies have a tiny part play in this. 
What do I mean by better? It’s hard to explain really, my skin tone seems more even and my skin looks slightly brighter (less dull). Could be coincidence though so don’t go rushing out to buy them just yet!

The bottles state that the results start showing after 3 months but best results are gained from 6 months of consuming the gummies.

I will definitely continue to eat the gummies for sure and report back on month 2 and 3!

Week 6 update: My cousin has commented that my hair looks thicker and my sister said my hair is looking healthier. Could it be coincidence? I’m still not too sure yet to give an informed response but I will update this post soon!

3 month update: I had my hair cut and this could contribute to it significantly but I do feel like my hair feels fuller. I have baby hair growing on my edges too which is interesting! My hair had grown quite a bit in the last 3 months too, faster than usual.

Will I buy these again? I think I would like to try another brand first, purely for comparison but I would definitely repurchase.

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