OOTD: Betrayal of the Boho Gypsy

Sometimes H&M sizing does fascinate me. I’m wearing a size 16 boho gypsy dress. It’s so versatile and a great transitional dress from Summer to Autumn.
Unfortunately this isn’t this seasons stock however Zara are doing a dress that is the same style and boho dresses can be purchased on ebay.
Teamed up with my favourite Topshop Fedora and Velvet mod shoes (also Topshop), I’m ready to take on the day!

I’ll leave you lovelies with one of my favourite poems…

The Betrayal

I cannot undo
                               What I have done;
                        I can’t un-sing
                               a song that’s sung.

And the saddest thing
                  about my regret –

I can’t forgive me
                         and you can’t forget.




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What are your thoughts?

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