Penclic Mouse R3 Review

I know I usually talk about the beauty and fashion products that I’m loving but today I want to talk to you all about a technology product that I’ve been using and loving behind the scenes of Damzel In This Dress. I’m a gadget freak and I love seeing products evolve over time into different things to suit users and my mind is always blown by how creative people can be. This week I’ve been testing out the Penclic Mouse R3 and I feel like my life has been changed for the better!

Pencil Mouse R3

Ok so I’ve been blogging on and off for about 7 or 8 years and so laptops have pretty much always been an everyday item for me. I use it A LOT and the one thing I struggled with when switching over from desktop to a laptop was not having a mouse so my parents very kindly gifted me a mini pink mouse (to go with my then pink laptop!). Since switching to a Macbook late last year I’ve found that a lot of mice that connect well to Microsoft products don’t necessarily work that great with iOS systems. More often then not, there’s a huge lag and it just doesn’t sync well; frustrating really, but there’s not much I could do so I’ve just been making do. That is until last week of course when I was introduced to the Penclic R3.

I loved the whole thing from the get go. The minute I opened up the wrapping, I could see that the outer packaging that the product came in  had been really well thought out and designed. When I opened it all up I found that it even had everything I needed to get started right away. Like previous mice I’ve used this one pairs with your laptop using a USB dongle(included), also included in the box is a velvet carry pouch, a small USB dongle, and a USB charging cable. The mouse also requires one AAA battery which is also supplied.

The mouse actually looks a tiny glossy black computer mouse that has had a pen stabbed through the top. It’s the coolest and weirdest concept ever. The layout of the pen itself is also exactly the same as a normal mouse in that it has a left and right button and a wheel for scrolling.
I’ll be honest, at first I thought it would be really difficult to get used to using it. I felt like my brain couldn’t fathom a mouse being shaped like a pen, but within minutes I was familiar with how it work, especially since it does need to be pushed around like a ‘normal’ mouse.

Penclic mouse R3

I did find that the buttons do click down really easily so sometimes I was clicking unnecessarily but as I got used to it, I rarely do this now.

Something else that is a little bit different is that the default setting is set to the left button actually being on the right, so right-handed people press it with their forefinger, while their thumb operates the left click. When I first read this, it threw me but in reality It makes perfect sense, and of course this can be switched within your operating system if you’re a left-hander or you just don’t like it.

When I opened the mouse up, I noticed straightaway that it was meant to be compatible for both iOS and Microsoft systems so I was a little worried it wouldn’t work for me but I was pleasantly surprised. There is no software included either, as soon as I plugged in the dongle and paired it up, it got straight to work. The precision for the cursor control is insane. I can literally edit blog photos within seconds due to the ease of use. If you turn the mouse over and have a look at the base, you can see that a pairing button and a sensitivity control with settings for 800, 1,200 or 1,600dpi is included so you’re even able to customise it to your kit.

As a blogger I spend a lot of time at my desk editing photo’s and it can get pretty tiring and painful on my joints. Since I’ve spent a lot of this week living in Photoshop I’ve gotten to appreciate just how good the Penclic R3 is. Bloggers aside, I can also see it as a great tool for illustrators and artist who are working their way up to a graphics tablet or don’t want to get one just yet.

The Penclic R3 can be bought here for £59.99. This might seem like a steep purchase but if you’re a big computer or laptop user then it’s going to be the best investment you make. Your wrists will definitely thank you for it!

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