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This week I met up with one of my bestest friends in the whole world. We’ve made a pact to stop eating in the same old places and experiment with our food palates. So after a bit of googling and much recommendation, we decided on Cabana.

Cabana is a Brazilian Barbeque restaurant based in St Giles. Tucked away behind Tottenham Court Road. They now have a few franchises panning London and it looks as though they’re doing well. .

The atmosphere of the restaurant was lively and the decor stunning; it felt like I stepped into the streets of Brazil, with colourful kites hanging from the ceiling, poster lined walls and exposed aluminium piping. The interior is reminiscent of traditional or should I say cliched Brazil and this is also reflected in the menu as it is primarily based around Brazilian street food.
The menu is also pretty extensive, covering a range of different things, which I find casual diners often find hard to do. Plus anywhere that serves halal chicken has big bonus points from me. I opted for The Beirut which is which a toasted flat bread filled with spicy malagueta chicken, tomato, lettuce and oozing with melted cheese, and a side of sweet potato fries. The food was delicious, not too heavy but still filling.
What I also love is that every table is equipped with the right cutlery, hello steak knife, and the right condiments – Oh hi, giant bottle of amazing chilling sauce! My dish wasn’t very spicy but the fully stocked condiments came to the rescue!
The drinks menu also has a list of mocktails for those of us who don’t drink. I picked my usual favourite of a citrus based drink – limonada suissa. It was, as expected refreshing and more-ish.

The service at Cabana was attentive and speedy, however it is a pet peeve of mine when waiters hover around, constantly asking how the food is. Still, this does not take away from the fact that all the waiters were extremely friendly with a nothing is too much trouble attitude – more bonus points.

Whilst I imagine this isn’t what authentic Brazilian food tastes like, it’s still a fun, vibrant restaurant that I would visit again and recommend to you all to try out.

Have you ever been to Cabana? What are your thoughts?



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