Mario Badescu Ginseng Moist Cream Review

Mario badescu is just one of those brands that I have always wanted to try but didn’t really want to spend money on. Not for any other reason then the packaging doesn’t really excite me. Luckily though, I was gifted a few beauty bits from the brand and one of the things I was excited to try the most was the Mario Badescu Ginseng Moist Cream. 

Ginseng is an incredible ingredient that is known as a strong anti-aging skin care treatment. Here are some other benefits of this potent ingredient:
Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
Anti-aging: Can help firm and tighten your look.
Great for sensitive and oily skin: Ginseng helps counteract dryness, and because of its properties, it can help with oily skin as well as sensitive skin. Its has a natural ability to balance oils.
Brightens skin tone: Some small studies on ginseng berry extract have found that it has potential in lightening and brightening the look of your skin.

Like most herbs, ginseng also protects the skin from environmental effects. The other ingredients this cream boasts about having is Rice Bran oil. Rice Bran Oil is full of antioxidants and it helps to soften the skin by moisturising without making it feel greasy. Lastly they’ve included Beeswax to seal in vitamins and nutrients. 

The packaging label states: “absorbs quickly, leaving behind a protective layer on the skin’s surface without feeling heavy. Ginseng Extract provides a rejuvenating boost that helps invigorate skin and encourage a more radiant complexion.”

Anti-ageing and radiant skin? I’m sure you can see why I was excited now! 

The moisturiser comes in it’s signature white plastic packaging with green writing. The tub is surprisingly lightweight so it would be good for travel or to keep in your hand bag. 
I love that there is a foil seal, which means that it will stay fresh in it’s packaging. Once it’s unsealed, the product is good for ——– months before it expires (or it’s benefits stop working to their full potential anyway). 

The product is white in colour and quite thick in its consistency. It is however very easy to work into your skin but it doesn’t melt into it straight away. Once I’ve worked it into my face there is a layer of moisturiser which doesn’t feel greasy but instead it feels almost sticky. It took some time for me to realise that I actually only need a small amount of cream on my face for it to be sufficiently mositurised. My personal preference is creams that leave my skin feeling like there is nothing on it so this did take some getting used to.

The ginseng moist cream also has quite a strong herbal/medicinal smell. If I’m honest it’s not one I can get used to. Luckily it fades after a while but not completely. If I’m not going over it with foundation then I will get random whiffs of it throughout the day which I’m not keen on. In terms of doing its actual job of moisturising, I really can’t complain. My dry patches on the sides of my nose and in between my eyebrows were very well moisturised and my dry, flaky skin was kept at bay. It’s a great moisturiser for very very dry skin and/or the winter months. I definitely won’t be repurchasing this over the summer months when I want my skin to feel weightless. 

Alternatively it actually makes a fantastic hand cream. My hands have been extremely dry due to using lactic acid on my face and this cleared it up a treat. 

The cream is priced at £18.50 on Beauty Bay. It’s a reasonable price but if I’m honest I feel like the price point is on the high side when you think about just how much product you’re getting. Would I recommend it? Only if you have very very dry skin and if you’re looking for a moisturiser for winter months.Will I repurchase it? If I’m completely honest, probably not.

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  1. JanayAndre says:

    I’ve always been curious about this brand, still not sure if I want to try it yet.

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