Brunch at Burnt Toast Cafe Review

This morning I felt pretty rough. Having had a crappy nights sleep and feeling the start of a cold coming on, I had to really, and I mean really force myself out of bed. Since I had the morning off, I decided to treat myself to a cheeky brunch at Burnt Toast Cafe.

Burnt Toast Cafe

Here’s a small confession for you. I’ve never actually been to Brixton before. I mean I have passed through, yes, but I’ve never purposefully gone. I’m not entirely sure why, but I just never felt the urge to visit but since I’m all about discovering new things this month, I decided to take a trip to Brixton village.

I know I’m reviewing Burnt Toast cafe but I want to say that actually I went to Salon first. The staff were rude and despite advertising that they ‘now serve brunch’ the waitress said “oh we only have one brunch-y thing on the menu”. Naturally, we walked straight out.

Quickly consulting my very organised list of places to brunch, the nearest one was Burnt Toast Cafe. Luckily it was a 2 minute walk away!

Back to the review! So the cafe is a very small eatery based in Brixton market. I loved the aesthetics from the outside – rustic tables and chairs, condiments in wooden crates and blankets. Very cute.

I peered inside hoping to get a table indoors as it was extremely windy and rainy outside but on closer inspection I realised that there was only the kitchen inside. The entire cafe consisted of the tables outside.

Despite the chill creeping in, we decided to stick with out decision and perused the menu. All of the usual brunch favourites were featured and they serve a vegetarian breakfast so my decision to stay was confirmed.

The staff are so chill and friendly that we felt very welcomed. We decided to opt for vegetarian breakfasts and were told that they only serve soft boiled or scrambled eggs – no poached. No biggie though, we ended up sticking with the soft boiled.

The food came out in good time and it looked delicious. The waitress also put down some bread for us to accompany our food. My friend commented that we should have asked for it to be toasted but we dug in anyway. It was only as we looked to the side to reach for condiments that we realised that the toasters were outside!

Burnt Toast Cafe

You can put the bread into the toasters and burn your toast just how you like it!

I’m a sucker for a gimmick so this went down a big hit for me.

Even on a weekday, as we worked our way through the plate, I realised that seats were getting filled up very quickly. I had no idea just how popular Burnt Toast Cafe was! To be honest, it deserves to be too, it was good food that was reasonably priced (For London anyway!).

Would I recommend it? Definitely! But on a warmer day as it’s a solely alfresco cafe.

Would I visit again? If I’m ever in Brixton again, I would definitely stop by.

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