How To Stop Spending So Much On Beauty

My name is Rosie and I’m addicted to buying beauty products. I’ve become that person who needs all the new releases and all of the nude lipsticks, because yes they are all very different shades! Now that I’m posing as a responsible adult, I know that I need to get my finances in check and stop splashing out on things I don’t necessarily need. I also only work part time now so saving is a little bit more difficult than it once was. I’ve come up with a list of 7 ways to stop spending so much on beauty products.

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Rearrange you products storage – Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the things that you do have when you can’t see them. I’ve spent the whole of last weekend rearranging all my makeup so that I can easily see and grab what I need in the morning. I’ve thrown away anything that is out of date (or I’m guessing would be out of date) and I’ve also bought out a select few items on to my dressing table that I use on a regular basis so that I can use them up first. Waste not, want not!

One in one out
– Speaking of using up products completely, chances are, you’ve got more than enough of what you need in your make up stash already. It’s either hiding at the back of your drawers or you’re just not using it up! Either way, once you’ve re-organised your makeup give yourself a good talking to and make it a number one rule that you can only buy a new product once you’ve finished one up completely.

Track your spending – Seriously, get yourself a bullet journal or a notebook and write down every time you buy anything beauty related. Keep another column for writing down anything you almost bought but didn’t and don’t forget to write down the price of the products. You might not feel so great at not having the latest lipstick but trust me you’ll feel really good at just how much you’re saving and will want to keep at it.

Swap palettes for customisable ones
– If you do decide to buy a makeup palette, consider whether you’re really interested in the whole palette or just a few colours. Do you already have some/most of the shades? I’ve recently invested in a MAC Pro Palette and will be filling it up with single shadows as and when I need them. Z Palette is an alternative to the MAC one.

Don’t fall for the hypes
– As a blogger, I’ve become pretty good at figuring out which products are just hype and which are genuinely loved. Wait until bloggers have reviewed and swatched products so you can see whether you still really like an item and have to have it.

Start a wishlist
– Pinterest is great for these! Build up a list of things that you really really want and haven’t yet bought for yourself. You’ll notice that as time goes on you’ll fall out of love with some of the products or you just won’t want them anymore. Keep your wishlist updated and get rid of the things you’re no longer lusting after.

Allow yourself a treat
– With all of the above things in place, you’ll be well on your way to saving some serious cash. However I’m not about that deprived life and don’t encourage you to stop treating yourself completely. Instead allow yourself one specific treat after a certain amount of time. It will mean so much more because you saved for it.


What are your top saving tips?

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