BBB London Rosewater Mist

If you’re Indian like me, then it’s very likely that there would have been a bottle of rosewater somewhere in your house whilst you were growing up. If I’m honest, it didn’t occur to me to incorporate it into my skincare for years after I had gotten into makeup. It was only after I read an article in Cosmo about the benefits that a lightbulb went off in my head – ding! A few weeks ago I was sent the BBB London Rosewater Mist and I honestly it hadn’t come at a better time.

With the sudden drop in temperature and the sudden blast of central heating my skin has already been showing signs of suffering. Dry patches were appearing and my foundation just wasn’t sitting right. Suddenly that cake I had been longing for in the bakery window was easily found on my face! 

What is it it?

BBB London have launched a range of new product and a rosewater mist is one of them. They recommend the mist for a hydrating boost during the day and state that you can use it before or after makeup to set it too.

BBB London Rosewater mist
BBB London Rosewater mist

First up I love the packaging. The frosted glass bottle with white cap makes it feel super luxe. Actual rosewater doesn’t actually have a colour so I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no additives to it to give it an unnecessary pink hue.

I decided to start off using it as a primer/base after moisturising. I had hoped that it would just lock in my moisturiser and help my foundation sit a little bit better. The spray bottle is really easy to use with no extra fuss. All I had to do was close my eyes and spritz my face.
The mist has a very light, natural rose scent and the product doesn’t feel greasy or sticky to touch once it dries. I put my foundation on as usual and I have to say I was seriously impressed by how nicely my foundation had gone on. There were no patches or pilling of the foundation.

After 5 hours, I remembered that I had to do a check up and ran to the office loos to check my foundation and lo and behold my foundation was intact. On close inspection my skin was only very slightly dry around my nose. By the time I got home, which is about 10 hours later (after a 3 hour commute both ways) my mirror was very happy to report that my makeup was still on my face. Although it didn’t look as fresh as it did in the morning, it was still there and for me, that’s really something! The next day I decided to use the spray as a primer and a setting spray.

I actually only have two words for you – GAME CHANGER.

BBB London Rosewater mist

After my makeup was set and spritzed with the rosewater mist, my skin looked dewy. Not greasy but…healthy!  I must admit, I’ve only ever used the UD All Nighter spray as a setting spray. It’s amazing but it really does feel like i’m putting hairspray on my face. I have a small cry (but not enough to ruin my makeup) for my pores every time I use it ha. The BBB London Rosewater Mist however just feels really natural. Once it’s dry you can’t feel it at all nor does it make my makeup run or look patchy.

My favourite thing about the mist is that it’s so light and natural that I can use it as an every day product without feeling like I’m damaging my skin or clogging up my pores. More importantly though, it doesn’t feel like a major effort to use.

The only small reservation that I have is that the bottle is made of glass and quite heavy so it’s not travel friendly. That’s not to say you can’t transfer it into another bottle if you are going away though. Now that I think about it, this would be the perfect product to take with you to a hot or humid country.

My second favourite use for it is to use after a chemical exfoliation session. When my skin is vulnerable and I don’t want to be rubbing in lotions and potions with ingredients that may aggravate it, the rosewater mist has been my saviour. It leaves it feeling refreshed without me having to touch it any further.

Priced at £22, it’s definitely a more premium product but it’s worth every penny. I always wondered why my makeup didn’t look as bright and fresh as other people’s (despite seeing them use a setting spray on tutorials! d’oh!)  but I feel like I’ve finally stumbled across a real beauty secret!

Update: If you get your eyebrows done or any part of your face waxed/threaded and it’s red and sore, this is amazing at soothing it!

Would I recommend it? Definitely. In fact, I would say skip over purchasing cheap brands with additives and fragrances and go for the good stuff!

Buy yours here.

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