Inglot Sparkle Dust Review

This week I attended Olympia Beauty for the third time and I’ll be honest, I only go for one brand alone and that is Inglot. They are ridiculously underrated and when they opened up near me in Stratford Westfield, I felt sad for my bank account because I would be visiting them every single payday without a doubt.

So this trip to Olympia beauty was a little bit rushed as I had work and the show closed at 5pm. I literally got there at 4.30pm and made a beeline for Inglot. Luckily I’m familiar with the show now and knew where they’d be located. As I stood picking out my usual Inglot bits I walked past some powder pots and like a child in a candy shop I couldn’t help stick my finger in all of them. I had (wrongly) assumed they were some sort of setting powder and so when I swatched them on the back of my hand I was taken aback because staring back at me was two different shades of highlighter with finely milled glitter. Yep, I said GLITTER!

Ingot Spark Dust

Sparkle dust by Inglot is absolutely glorious, there’s no two ways about that. It’s available in 6 different “shades” and they recommend that you pick a tone that is closely matched to your skin tone to get the most use out of it. They’ve only just added shades 06 and 07 which is for a more fairer skin tone (since when do brands provide products for Caucasian skintones last??).

The two colours that I picked up were 01 and 03.  01 matched closest to my skin tone and has a light pinky tone to it whereas 03 is stunning gold toned shade that is beyond beautiful. I wanted to get both light and dark to experiment. Just look at the picture below, it was taken after literally one small, very light swipe of the dust.

 Inglot sparkle dust swatch

Since this line is multiuse, they can be used absolutely anywhere on the body. I’ve been experimenting and often use 01 on the arch of my eyebrow bone and cheekbones to nighlight, as well as decolletage to give off that sparkly somethin’ somethin’. I’ve mostly been using 03 on my eyelids to enhance my eyeshadow and sometimes over my bronzer/contour. I’ve had friends stare at my face and say I’ve “done something different to [my] makeup”, “I look like I’m glowing” and my fave compliment of all “highlight on fleek”. It’s a serious game changer.

The glitter is really very finely milled so it doesn’t look like you’re off to a disco for a boogie at all. It can be used for every day wear and adds a subtle boost to any look, be it day or night. The pot is a generous 2.5g and to stop any fall out and get your money’s worth, they’ve sealed the plastic cap (you know, the one with the tiny holes) on really tight so it’s virtually impossible to get off. Sparkle dust also comes with a little cushion puff. I’m sorry if this is not the technical term but it’s what I refer to it as. This handy tool helps to blend the glitter out on to your skin after you’ve carefully placed it where you want it on your face. I use a flat brush to do this before using the cushion/puff to blend out.

I must admit, I do touch my face a lot throughout the day and I’ve noticed that the glitter does transfer. However if I’m out at an event and I’ve used setting spray and my hands are busy eating all of the food in sight (and not touching my face) then the Sparkle Dust stays sparkly all night long. The glitter is mixed in with a powder so you don’t need to use another highlighter as a base which is also pretty good.

As with all glitter/multiuse products, you can add sparkledust to lipgloss, nail enamel or duraline to transform your look. Sparkle Dust is available both online and in store for £12. Is it worth it? I defnitely think so. It’s one of those products that you can always find a use for and so far, I am really very pleased with both the colours that I picked up. I wholeheartendly recommend Sparkle Dust to you all and would love to see how you’ve been making use of it.

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