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Once upon a time I was a beauty box subscription addict. I subscribed to them all and every month I’d love the little surprises that would come through my letter box, that is until I just stopped loving them. The product sizes and brands just weren’t for me any more and I’d receive things that weren’t catered for me as an individual. I mean, I definitely don’t need fake tan, I’m Indian, naturally tan right here nor do I need tiny tubes of products not available in the UK (Glossybox I’m looking at you). In the end I cancelled them all. I have to admit in the two years that I no longer subscribed, I had never looked back; that is until I very recently came across Love Me Beauty.

 love me beauty boxThe Love Me Beauty Box is unique because it allows you to pick the products that you’re actually interested in and let’s you pick shades/products that will actually match your skin tone/type. What’s even better is that they have some huge brands to pick from such as Kat Von D, Benefit and Makeup Forever.

There are different subscription options depending on what suits you; 3, 6 or 12 months. I decided to go for 6 months because I thought 3 months might be a little too short and 12 months might be way too long if I wasn’t so happy with the products. Once you’re all signed up, you’re given 60 credits to spend on any of the items they have available to be put in your box for that month. Each of the products have a value (20, 15 or 10 credits) usually depending on the size of the product. I love that they’ve even added an option where you can buy more credits should you want a few extra bits for your box.

It all sounds a little more complicated than it is but once you get on to their website, I promise it’s not! They have a super helpful FAQ section if you get stuck, so don’t worry too much. The only thing I was a little bit hesitant about was the fact that you do have to pay your postage fees all up front too. So as well as the price for my 6 month of beauty boxes, I had to pay an extra £12.50 for postage. Luckily I’d just been paid so I didn’t think too much about it but I can see how that can be a little off putting as not everyone will have the money upfront.

 love me beauty box products

This month I was spoilt for choice and it took me FOREVER to make my mind up but in the end I went for the following:

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm – This cleanser removes all makeup quickly, easily and feels and smells luxurious. This product goes a long way with only a small of cleanser is needed to see and feel results. The luxurious smell makes you feel like you are in your own aromatherapy spa. With 25ml worth of product, I’m sure this will keep me going a while.I’ve heard lots and lots of good stuff about Merumaya so this is probably the one I’m most excited to use.

Makeup For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara DLX – Excessive Lash creates long-lasting volumised lashes. The no-smudge formula builds up an intense look, whilst the slim brush evenly loads from root to tip causing no clumps. Since my Benefit Roller lash has finished, I’m on the lookout for something that is just as good, what better way to try before I buy than to use a little sample size.

Makeup For Ever Aqua XL Matte Black – The angled, flexible and sharp tip creates the ultimate winged eye look with precision and definition. It defines the eyes with a matte black finish and a long-lasting result. I picked this one mostly because I was so intrigued to find out what the “flexible tip” on this eyeliner is all about, especially as it looks just like a normal Kohl crayon in the photo.

NUXE Gentle Exfoliating Gel – This Exfoliating Facial Gel with Rose Petals gently exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells. The gentle gel formula contains tiny grains to reveal smoother and more refined skin. My skin needs a good facial, but until I can save up to get a decent one done I’m looking for a great exfoliator to help me out. I’ve been reading up on French pharmacy brands and Nuxe just keeps coming out top so it’s another one I had to add to my basket.


All in all I think I got a pretty good mix of products. I love the fact that I’ll definitely get use out of every single product because….well because I picked them! No more wasting or giving away products because they’re not for my skin type or skin tone even.

I was surprised at how quickly my package came in the post (next day!) and loved that this month’s beauty picks came in a little makeup bag instead of a box. Love Me Beauty are doing beauty subscription boxes the right way and I’m definitely excited to see what’s to come in the rest of my subscription. Get your subscription sorted here.

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