What To Do With Blog Business Cards

Blogger business cards are not essential but if you’re serious about your blog and work hard to build your traffic, then surely you would want to maximise all different ways that can bring in readers. Offline marketing is just as important as online promotion and business cards are a sure fire way of introducing your blog and ensuring potential readers or PRs don’t forget your all important blog URL.

Where to give out blogger business cards

So if you’re anything like me and have had yours printed, you’ll be sad wondering what exactly to do with them. The possiblities are endless so don’t let them sit in your drawer going to waste. Here are just a few ideas on how they could be used.
1. Events
– Take them with you to events. If you’ve got a blog name like mine, it can be a bit of a mouthful and if I’m saying it out loud people don’t always get the play on words or the misspelling of damsel. It’s just so much easier to whip out a card and be like hey, I just met you, and this is crazy but here’s my card, email me maybe?

2. Coffee Shop Drop – I have sat in countless coffee shops killing time. It’s the perfect loitering place, whether you’re meeting friends, waiting for friends killing time or just waiting around for your panini to be toasted. I always end up having a look at the free apps they give away at the Starbucks counter and I know for sure if I saw a blog business card on the table, I’d give it a quick look-see. Not only is it good for views but you might even find some loyal readers this way.

3. Literary Links – If you have an abundance of cards to give out, I’d definitely recommend you visit a book shop and find books that are relevant to your blog and leave a business card in the books as a bookmark. For example if you’re a cake blogger, recipe books would be ideal to leave your blog business card in. Remember, relevance is key.

4. Collaborations – Why not use your blogger business cards for when you’re teaming up with brands. If you’re helping them with a new product, why not send them a few business cards to put in a few delivery boxes. Perhaps if you help out at an event, you could ask to have your cards put in the goody bags? The possibilities are endless

5. Biggest fans – Make sure you give a few to your friends and family, because no doubt they’ll be bragging about how wonderful your blog is. Word of mouth is still a wonderful form of advertisement and if they have a handy business card on hand, you can be sure your new readers are going to the right URL.

It can be a little nerve racking at the begining, because in essence you’re literally putting yourself out there. You don’t know who you could be inviting to have a read, what will they be thinking of your blog? but isn’t that the point of your blog – for it to be read. Ultimately I’d love a mixture of readers both bloggers and non-bloggers and I think I’m definitely ready to start taking those steps to broaden my readership.


Do you have any other tips or ideas on distributing business cards that you can share?


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