6 Of My Favourite Beauty Gift Sets By L’occitane

I don’t want to scare you or anything but Christmas is coming! I mean I know, I know, technically you can’t get festive until after Halloween is over (themz the rules) but this year I want to be super prepared.  No more last minute rushing around stressing. I’m working backwards this time too so I’m making ‘potential presents’ lists for the people I find most difficult to buy for. It turns out that the people that have me stumped are not my loved ones at all, instead it’s colleagues, partners of friends and neighbours, in other words people that I know but not necessarily all that well. This year I’ve decided to buy them all beauty gift sets because let’s face it, for a beauty blogger they’re so easy to pick up and one brand that I’m really loving at the moment is L’occitane.

 loccitane beauty gift sets

L’occitane have always been a part of my household. My sister was a beauty product queen long before blogging existed and had always raved about how great their products were. I didn’t think much of them until I walked into one of their stores recently and was wow-ed at my whole experience. Their selection is bloomin brilliant and the staff really seem to know their stuff. After a browse in store and online I’ve picked out some of my faves that you might want to put on your shopping lists or even better your wish lists!

1. Hand and Feet duo This gift set is perfect mostly because my mum swears by it. Which means it’s definitely really really good. Ideal for the upcoming winter weather and handbag sized so easy to carry around when you’re on the move.

2 . Shea Violet hugs and kisses – Another one of their top sellers that is a must have is the Shea violet. It’s all the goodness of their usual hand cream and lip balm but scented with violet. For those of you who prefer a sweeter scent you’ll love this.

3 . Shea butter hand cream with tube press – I’m going to be honest with you, the tube press was what sold this to me. I mean how many times do you sit there squeezing a tube trying to get the contents out? well, no more. Now you can use up every single drop of their best selling hand cream.

4. Delightful hand cream trio – I love this set mostly for the tin – I’ve already thought up some uses for it if when I buy this for myself! It’s limited edition so I’d get on this really quickly because it contains 3 of their best selling hand cream, Shea butter, rose and vanilla. If you don’t know your neighbours all that well, they’re bound to like one (if not all) of those scents.

5. Good nights sleep ritual – My recent insomnia due to stress means that my sleep pattern is horrendous at the moment, so naturally I was intrigued the most by this gift set the most. It contains a shower gel and pillow mist made from distilled essential oils of rosemary and lavender. Sounds dreamy!

6. Festival beauty essentials – Last but not least, this beauty kit which has absolutely everything you need if you’re a busy woman. Wipes, lip balm, light non sticky cream and even hand gel. To be honest it’s the perfect little cosmetics bag to keep in your handbag, whether you’re on your way to a festival or not!

If these fantastic deals aren’t enough to get you to make a purchase then you might be interested to know that L’occitane products are harvested in a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women who produce it. It’s high time we got behind brands that are doing things right.

This post is in collaboration with L’occitane.

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