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This week I teamed up with Blogging Edge and Ransom Spares to see if I could take on their Eco Fashion Blogger Challenge. The premise is pretty simple, can I survive a whole week without using my washing machine?

Realistically I know I can survive, now that’s not me being cocky at all, it’s just that I know I’d easily just go out an buy some more clothes or I’d take my laundry to an aunt’s if the washing machine packed up. But that’s not what this is about and I wanted to embrace the experience fully so I decided to give myself a set wardrobe for the week, consisting of 1 pair of leggings, 2 sets of underwear, 1 pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a black smock, a cardigan and 2 pairs of socks. Sounds like a lot but believe me it’s really not! I also thought about asking good old madre for some words of wisdom that could help but I thought I’d see if I could do it entirely on my own.

Laundrette eco bloggers challenge

Day 1 was brilliant, I thought I can do this no problem. My OOTD was made up of the following: underwear, jeans, t-shirt and cardigan. I wore my socks later when I went out and went to bed feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Day two, I wore my smock with leggings. along with my second pair of socks and realised that I’m going to have to start planning things strategically now. Both sets of socks and underwear had been used so I had to wash them. As tempting as it was to turn them inside out, I don’t think my inner clean freak would forgive me. I filled my sink up with washing powder and scrubbed my smalls and hung them to dry. It didn’t actually take very long and were ready for use all over again. At this point, I realised it would’ve been wise to start off with 3 pairs of socks and knickers because at this rate I would have to do the washing every single day. Still, I troopered on.

I got a good few wears out of my jeans and realised that they didn’t need to be chucked in the laundry basket but the temptation was still there. I googled how often you should wash your jeans and was surprised to find that a lot of people didn’t wash their denim very often at all! My leggings however were a different story, I felt like if I wore them twice they felt as though they had stretched so I needed to wash them in order for them to shrink a little.

Lush Fun Dough

 Since it was a pretty unconventional week, I tried out different products other than washing powder whilst doing my wash. Towards the end of the week I got bored and I even experimented by using Lush’s FUN dough to wash my clothes with. This was of course after I had made little aliens out of the dough first! The colour of the Fun Dough I have is bright red and I wasn’t sure whether the colour would transfer if I washed light colours but it worked brilliantly on my black things. The best part was that the smell of my clothes was absolutely divine!

Weirdly enough, a small part of me looked forward to experimenting with new things I could try out to wash my clothes with. The week went by pretty quickly and in such a short space of time I did surprisingly learn quite a bit. Most importantly though I know now that I can definitely survive without a washing machine. It doesn’t actually take very long to do a hand-wash either and best of all, there are so many different multipurpose products I have lying around that can help me

Will I be giving up my washing machine? Most probably not, but I definitely won’t hesitate to do a hand wash if the need does ever arise.

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