How we can all Benefit from THAT tweet

See what I did there? On a more a serious note though, let me just get this straight. This post isn’t about that brand or that tweet. I won’t be mentioning either in the body of this post because honestly it’s not about them.

Benefit offensive fat tweet

Like most people I’m so done with fat-shaming and fat-phobia. Just because I might not be plus sized doesn’t mean I don’t find it both disgusting and derogatory. It is not funny, nor is it clever but you know what’s even worse? Those that are offended by those tweets becoming abusive whilst expressing their outrage. 


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It is absolutely fine for you to express your fury against something that makes you feel victimised or disgusted. I am all for that. Raise awareness, explain and educate people on why it is wrong but you know what, it is NOT OK for anyone to turn into a bully. It is not acceptable for anyone to start abusing a certain brand or the employees because it completely goes against your argument. It may have been an error on one person’s part who might not have realised the offence they were causing. Admittedly not apologising immediately wasn’t the best way to handle things on their part but does that really warrant hate? 

If you want people, the media, brands etc to stop hating on size, how are you any different from those being derogatory when you’re abusing & shaming them right back only in a different way.
“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi

How about we focus on how positive we all are about our shapes and sizes? Let’s stay united and composed and spread a little more kindness

What say you?

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