27 Thoughts I had when watching Orange Is The New Black Season 3


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In no particular order….

1. Why did I only just realise that Flaca has an unfilled teardrop “tattooed” under her right eye. That’s because she’s killed someone right??


2. Still not 100% sure why Doggett is called Pennsatucky?


3. How on earth does Maritza Ramos still look hot wearing a granny bra and granny pants?!


4. I love how realistic they’ve made it. Nearly everyone’s hair is really greasy.


5. I’m curious about all the things that are actually available with commissary


6. Why are there no Indians at Litchfield?


7. I wonder whether an Indian would have to go into the Spanish crew?


8. Loveeee how they bought Rosa back for a teeny moment. RIP.


9. Why do they never show Danita?


10. I’m actually starting to really like evil, megalomaniac Piper. She’s a lot more bearable now that she’s really embracing her psycho, sociopath side.


11. Evidently Norma isn’t a exactly a mute, She just stutters/stammers a lot so why doesn’t she even try to speak when things are going wrong?


12. I’m pretty sure Bennett has called the cops on Cesar. “some white boy is here to see you” same line used when Bennett showed up. Jenji, I’m on to you!


13. How on earth do they get phones into Litchfield?! Surely noones putting that and a charger up their butt?

14. So wait…Is Ruby Rose just this season’s baddie?

15. Gloria doesn’t seem very scary.

16. This season has a lot to do with faiths and religions. They’re really going there.

17. I really like the name Yadriel

18. Chocolate and vanilla swirrrllll – Why was crazy eyes so into Piper when she came to Litchfield but is now too afraid to be with this girl who is actually interested??

19. How did Lolly go from being pretty normal to…extremely delusional? This is an act right?

20. The whole Boo-Doggett relationship is so unexpected but so cute. I’ve not really liked Boo at all up until this season but she’s so awesome for helping Doggett.

21. YES Jenji. So glad you got the whole Healy being insensitive to mental health/depression in there. This needs to be discussed!

22. Why did Healy give Red the corn? Does he know about her dining experience thing?

23. The Cindy converting to Judaism thing – Wut?

24. Did Stella just say Allahu Akbar?? lol

25. Sophia’s coming back with a vengeance right?

26. Are they going to swim across the lake?

27. What? It’s over already?? Don’t do this to me!!!


What were your thoughts on season 3’s OITNB?

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