Olives And Meze Restaurant Review

It’s not often I find myself wandering the streets of Clapham, but my friend and I recently decided to pay a visit to Colourscape (pop music festival) and suddenly an impromptu brunch was on the agenda. Olives and Meze is situated on the high street, literally a short walk from Clapham Common station.

I almost walked past it if I’m honest but my friend spotted it and when I stepped inside I was so glad she did. The restaurant is clean and well maintained and the decor is right up my street.

 olives and mezze

Surprisingly it was very quiet for a Saturday afternoon but hey I wasn’t complaining as we got seated immediately. Being big fans of Turkish food it wasn’t surprising that we knew what we wanted pretty much straight away.
We both decided to order the Chicken Shish Tawook which came with bulgar wheat and salad. Usually I always replace the bulgar wheat for fries but this time I decided not to and honestly I’m so glad I didn’t. It tasted amazing! By the time we ordered, the restaurant started filling up and the ambience was good. Family friendly and not too loud. The food came in good time and as soon as it arrived you could tell it was all cooked fresh. It tasted like good, healthy food, and it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a decent Shish Tawook.

The staff were all really attentive and patient with me, because I have to admit, I can be quite fussy with certain things. I’m not that bad, I promise but I always ask for my drink (usually a diet coke) to come with my food. I hate getting full on fizzy drink or my drink being flat by the time food comes so I ask for it to come altogether. This time I was so engrossed in conversation that I had forgotten to mention it so the waitress came over with an opened bottle, I had to ask for it to come back later *Insert awkward/sorry not sorry smile here*. My friend was convinced I’d get the same bottle back but luckily they were so nice about it and gave me a freshly opened bottle with my food.

The prices were really reasonable and of course the chicken was halal so another plus point from me. Would I go there again? Absolutely. All in all, it was a great dining experience, perfect for a catch up!

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