Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Your Questions Answered

It’s Birthday month! Whoop whoop! It’s only been just a few days after my birthday and I am feeling completely spoilt rotten. After almost going a few years ago but having to cancel due to unfortunate circumstances last minute, I was just gleeful when I found out my friend had got us tickets to see Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Eek!

Harry Potter and the cursed child review

I’m all for the whole #keepthesecrets thing so I won’t post any spoilers!

What I will say is that it’s an incredible performance. The whole thing is extremely well orchestrated. It’s literally magic! 

A few things to note if you are headed there: 

  1. Security is TIGHT: your bags will be thoroughly searched and they will pat you down and/or use a metal detector to scan you. I personally felt it was a bit much but I’m sure they have their reasons. 
  2. Is the seating spacious? Leg room is not entirely squashed but if you’re watching two consecutive shows, it can get a little bit tiresome sitting down all day. If you’re someone who likes stretching your legs I recommend an aisle seat and definitely standing up or going for a small walk in the interval. 
  3. What seats would you recommend? I personally always prefer to sit in the dress circle whichever show I go to watch. You’re guaranteed a great view of the entire stage without straining your neck. With some of the “magic” it’s much better to sit in the dress circle so you can’t see/tell how it’s done. 
  4. Is there anywhere halal to eat nearby? The theatre is literally minutes away from Leicester Square station so there’s plenty of halal food places. Some of my recommendations are:
Harry Potter and the cursed child review

5. I haven’t watched/read Harry Potter, will I still enjoy it? What??? Why on earth not? First of all, you need to correct that immediately. Secondly, I think you would definitely still enjoy the show but may not necessarily get the character references and personality traits.

6. Is it worth watching both shows in one day? I think it can be done either way, depending on you as a person. On one hand it is a very long day and can get very tiring sitting for almost 6 hours but on the other, it’s good to watch both because you’re still in the mood for it.
In the same breath though, If you watched part one, it will build up anticipation for the second show on another day and the magic can last a bit longer. There’s no better or worse options, you just have to pick what suits you.

TIP: Look out for staff members giving away #KeepTheSecrets badges in the interval – who doesn’t love a good badge?!

Would I go again? Absolutely. 10000% 

Would I recommend it? Yes. That is all, just a big go and watch it ASAP! 

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