Darkfield London Review

I kick started this week with an experience like no other – DARKFIELD.

We all know that London has played host to countless immersive experiences but this one sounded completely different. For a start, the shows take place inside tight shipping containers that are plunged into complete darkness. Through just the use of noise cancelling headphones and binaural 360-degree audio, you’re invited to experience ‘uncomfortable’ like never before.

Darkfield London

DARKFIELD is actually made up of three individual shows running in 3 different shipping containers. This is however, the first time that they’ll all be running in the same location.

SÉANCE transforms the 24ft container into a Victorian séance room where you’re invited to make contact with the dead. For the enxt 20 minutes you’ll explore the psychology of a group of people who are asked in they believe. Expect an interesting visit from the other side whilst your perception of reality is challenged.

FLIGHT is a 40ft container that resembles a flight cabin which will take you on an unsettling trip by transporting the audience over 30 minutes into two parallel worlds with two possible outcomes for the journey.

COMA is the brand new show which premierred at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Over 30 minutes it aims to blur the barriers between being awake and asleep. The audience is invited to lie down in a set up which looks like a war bunker with rows of beds. The lights then go out and you’re counted down into somewhere between the conscious and subconscious.

What did I think?

I am the world’s biggest scaredy cat and that’s no exaggeration, I’m a self confessed wimp. I did however have to weigh up my phobias and since I find flying a very stressful experience, I decided to sit FLIGHT out.

This meant that first up was SEANCE. I’m a huge believer in spirits so even though I knew it was just a show I had the steward give me a pep talk before I went in ha.

Darkfield London

Without giving too much away it is both terrifying and incredible all at the same time. The binaural 360-degree sound effects will leave your spine tinging.

I took a friend who fears absolutely nothing and even she was creeped out at how personal the experience was.
Quick tip – don’t take your hands off the table.

COMA for me was the better experience out of the two. I loved that you were using more than one sense. I’ve also studied hypnotherapy and read a lot on the subconscious but I’m not a particularly susceptible person. This experience however had me feeling uncomfortable and questioning things in more ways than one.
Quick tip – take a good look around as you walk in.

My only not-criticism would be that I wish the experience was longer. 20 minutes goes by in what seems like 5 minutes. I’ve had tons of people respond to my Instagram story who have said the same. Other than that though, it was a great experience.

Anything I need to know?

The steward’s will ask you every time if you are claustrophobic or scared of the dark. If you have problems with either of the two you will be strongly advised against going ahead with the experience. It really is pitch black and the spaces are very tight. You won’t be able to leave halfway through.

It’s advisable not to bring large bags as they will be asked to be left outside (with the staff) in a black container. Although it’s perfectly safe, you do leave it there at your own risk.

Darkfield London

Where is it?

The experience is in Montgomery Square in Canary wharf. Take the Montgomery Street exit at Canary Wharf station and cross the road.

How long is it on for?

Unfortunately not very long! It’s on from Mon 16th – Sat 21st September 2019.

Is it worth it?

Tickets start at £5 and go up to £7.50 (not including a booking fee). Considering the amount I have spent on immersive experiences before, this seems very reasonable.

To purchase tickets click > Darkfield. Hurry though, because they seem to be selling out very very quickly!

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