The Most Beautiful Drives In The Uk

I’m not a driver myself but I absolutely love road trips. I’m always looking for an excuse to go out an explore even if it is in London (hence the blog!) but if it takes me out of the city then I’m even more eager! I love following travel bloggers for staycation ideas and to find out where everyone loves to visit. I decided to write up a post on where I would recommend for a #BloggersBestDrives

As part of a wedding gift, my friends and I are taking our bride-to-be to the Lake District to relax and be at one with nature.

Since I’m not a car owner the first thing I’m always put in charge of is renting a car. I get very claustrophobic and car sick so I’m all about comfort. For my next trip I’ve been looking at Hyundai car lease options.

Another reason that I refuse to be in the drivers seat is because the ride up there is absolutely beautiful. Since I’m always surrounded by buildings on a day to day basis, it just feels even more breathtakingly beautiful to me.

How much time does it take from London?

The journey itself takes about 3 hours. It’s not all that bad but I must admit, I do love a good service station stop to have a walkabout and get myself a good dose of caffeine!

Is it a remote area?

It’s remote in the best possible way but not completely isolated. My favourite shops are those great independent local producers and retailers selling high-quality local produce, hand-made local goods and gift ideas.

Do we need a big 4 x 4?

Not at all, a car that drives smoothly does make the journey more comfortable but you can drive up in anything that suits you.

As well as the drive up to the Lake District, here are some more of the UK’s best drives to take a road trip.

Where are your favourite places to have a staycation in the UK? 
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