Giraffe Restaurant Review

If there’s one restaurant that I frequent the most and just can’t get enough of, it has to be Giraffe. Odd really, considering I can’t eat any of the meat dishes but judging by how good the veggie options are I don’t even feel like I’m missing out.

Giraffe Restaurant review

The atmosphere always seems to be upbeat and friendly which is always nice. The casual vibes mean that it’s family friendly and even the waiters seem to be genuinely happy to be working there. Every single time I’ve visited, nothing has been too much trouble for them so ten out of ten for service across a range of their London restaurants.

The menu has clearly been inspired from all around the world. I love it because not only is the food is fresh and far from stodgy or greasy, the variety is endless. I’ll be honest though, I generally only order my favourite dish from there. I’ll come to that in just a sec but first I need to talk to you about the condiments you guys, the condiments! The table is ridiculously well equipped with everything you need to accompany your meal whether it’s mayo, chilli sauce or even vinegar, they’ve got it there on the table.

Giraffe is open from breakfast time all the way through to dinner, and trust me when I say they’ve got you covered. I’ve sampled both their brunch and the dinner menu and I can vouch for the fact that they’re both are as good as each other. If you’re a vegetarian you’ll be just as excited as I was to know that they do a full English with vegetarian sausages!

Giraffe Restaurant review

The highlight of their menu though is definitely the Falafel Deluxe Burger. I haven’t tasted falafel’s that taste this good ever! They taste distinctly different from the way middle eastern falalfels are prepared and I love that the burger has shredded carrot, hummus, beetroot and tzatziki inside it as opposed to the usual lettuce or cheese. This burger has even convinced meat-lover Bae to crave this burger and that’s definitely saying something!

The restaurant also has a kids menu and an interesting dessert menu, however I haven’t had a look at either – definitely something for my next trip though!

All in all, the food is well worth the money and priced reasonably. I love that there are a number of these across London (and the UK) and can definitely see it replacing a cheeky Nando’s, because it definitely has done for me!

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