Mala Restaurant Review

Since curry is an every day occurrence in my house, I tend to try and avoid Indian restaurants when dining out. I do however think they have a great ambiance and so last month, when planning a friend’s birthday we decided to pick an authentic Indian restaurant. 

After some research and recommendations, we decided to visit Mala Restaurant in St Katherine’s docks.
The view outside the restaurant is beautiful as it looks out on to the boats in the docks. The restaurant itself has huge floor to ceiling windows allowing customers to enjoy panoramic views of the pretty scenery.

The menu is pretty extensive and it’s not at all surprising that the swanky location is reflected in the prices. Judging from my pictures you might be thinking that chips aren’t very authentic! However when I had a look through the menu I noticed they also offered a number of grilled options and at the last minute I changed my mind *hangs head in shame*.

The portions were of a decent size and the food itself was nice. Probably not the best Indian restaurant you might visit however the food is still yummy and the dining experience really is worth it. My grilled chicken tasted lovely, there was an indian kick to it so I was pleased. The curries ordered were equally enjoyed so overall it’s a great place to visit if you’re in the area.

On the way there we also got to see the stunning poppy installation. It really is worth going to see it!

What are your thoughts on indian food?



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