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This morning, my usual painstakingly long commute to work, was made even worse when I missed 3 buses (because they were too full). Refusing to walk to the station, I finally made it on to the 4th bus and then I found that I had missed my train by 20 seconds.  Way too early for the universe to be picking on me! As waited for the next train, I went to perch on those hideous steel seats, I’m sure they’re made of cold metal just to wake you up!  And lo and behold, I came across something that made up for my extremely crappy morning. I came across a lovely idea – I had found a copy of The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender, sat on the seat waiting to be picked up.

On the front was a shiny sticker stating that the book was there for me to read, once I had read the book all I had to do was leave it on the train for someone else to read. What an amazing idea!
It turns out this is revolutionary concept, very aptly named, “Books on the Underground”, was started by an inspirational lady called Hollie Belton. Having seen thousands read the metro and leave it behind for others to pick up, she thought wouldn’t it be better if they read books instead. so now,
she and  a group of others leave books for others to read, enjoy and share. What a nice idea!

Next time you’re on your commute or visiting London and using the tube, keep an eye out for a book on the innovative take on a library, without the late fees!

To donate books please get in touch with her or alternatively you can ask her to send you stickers for books that you may have.


check out the website here:

What do you think of the idea? Have you come across any books? Do you think it will continue to take off? Have you read this book?

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