Dominique Ansel Bakery What-A-Melon Watermelon Soft Serve Review

My places to visit in London list is growing by day but the one place I knew I couldn’t put off going to any longer was Dominique Ansel Bakery. 
If you haven’t seen their latest culinary creation on Instagram then where have you been?? 
Dominque ansel bakery watermelon
What-A-Melon (yes, that is actually what it’s called!) is a delicious concoction of a fresh juicy slice of watermelon filled with homemade watermelon soft-serve, finished with chocolate ‘seeds’ and sea salt. 
I must admit, even though I love watermelon, I’m not a fan of watermelon flavoured things. Watermelon sweets make me gag so I was slightly antsy about trying it. Considering I had heard just rave reviews, I was eager to see what the fuss was all about. 
With London undergoing a crazy heatwave, I thought it was the most opportune time for me to go. 
Dominique Ansel Bakery
Dominique Ansel Bakery
Dominique Ansel Bakery is based in Victoria right next to the coach station and a short walk from Victoria underground station. The bakery itself is beautiful from the outside. Covered in a stunning floral display, you can’ t help but peer in to see what it is all about even if you’re just walking past. 
As you walk in there’s a counter straight in front of you with a huge menu blown up on the wall to the right. A fantastic idea really. Especially if the queue is long and you’re deciding what it is you’d like to order. I was so tempted by the cronuts and macarons on display but the soft serve was just calling out to me!
My friend and I decided to take a seat inside and relax. There bakery seats a good number of people inside and also has a very pretty terrace too. The floral theme from outside continues on in the terrace, so if you want a pretty picture they’ve got you covered.
Dominique Ansel Bakery Watermelon
Dominique Ansel Bakery
We took a seat inside (the sun was beaming down too harshly and it was wayyy too muggy to sit in the terrace that day) and within seconds our sweet treat was bought over to us.
I got stuck straight in and oh my god, it was glorious. It tastes like a cross between sorbet and ice cream so it’s really light and refreshing. I practically inhaled it! The soft serve is made with only watermelon, lime juice, and sugar which means it’s both halal and vegan friendly.
To eat in the price of one what-a-melon is £7.80 and for takeaway it’s £6.50. 

My frugal mother would have an absolute melt-down at the price but I guess it’s an experience. A really delicious one at that! 

Would I try this again? Unashamedly yes! I’d actually love it if I could have a tub of just the soft serve on it’s own, it’s that good.


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