Beauty Bakerie Sakura Delight Lip Whip Review

I love stating that Beauty Bakerie is one brand that I have supported since its conception. Way way back before the cute packaging and all the fangirling; when they sent their lip whips out in A3 Envelopes without boxes, there I was championing and supporting them. It makes me so happy to see how far they’ve come and the empire they’ve built so far. They’ve got their branding down to a tee and you just can’t help but love everything that they’re doing.

Beauty Bakerie Sakura Delight

Beauty Bakerie Sakura Delight

I was going through my liquid lipstick collection and stumbled across an old favourite – Sakura Delight. This lipstick is a bright fuchsia pink colour and despite it being described as a red by a few sites it’s actually not. If you’re looking for a red then this is not the colour you’re looking for!

I do think that all skin tones can pull this shade off. It’s pretty bright so not something that I personally would feel comfortable wearing on a normal day at the office (but if that’s your vibe then kudos to you!) but I love wearing this to weddings and other social events.

I’ve tried really hard not to edit the photos so the true colour shows up in the pictures but try as I might the photos of the tube look slightly muted. The swatch pictures (below) are more true to life in terms of brightness.

Beauty Bakerie lipwhip Sakura Delight

Beauty Bakerie lip whip Sakura Delight

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, Beauty Bakerie is unmatched by any other brand. The staying power on these is absolutely insane and they can last through absolutely anything. It’s food, kiss and touch proof. What I love most though is that because it doesn’t budge, i doesn’t feather or bleed either. I almost always find that with red lipsticks in particular, after a couple of hours I could fill in for the Joker in the Batman films. Not a good look.

The lipstick itself isn’t very drying compared to other brands however if your lips are dry before application then it will accentuate this. Definitely recommend using a lip scrub before use.

Beauty Bakerie lip whip Sakura Delight swatch

Beauty Bakerie Sakura Delight swatch

The lip whip is priced at £16 and can be purchased here.

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