Autumn/Winter 2018 Trend Alert: Leopard Print

You heard it here first – leopard print is making a roaring comeback!

I’ve always had a weird love/hate relationship with animal print. Sometimes I’m absolutely living for it and other times I’m thinking “Oh. My. God.” (Pun totally intended) I look like Janice from Friends.

At the moment though, I just can’t get enough and can see the trend following all the way through autumn to winter. I’ve scoured the high street and today I’m bringing you some of my favourites printed pieces.

Scroll right to see more of my favourites!

If you’re not into garish prints but still want to be on trend then leopard print accessories work too!

Personally, I think I want every single thing featured above but I’m going to try and restrain myself. I’ll definitely be purchasing the Office fedora shoes and I also really really love the Stradivarius Lace Trim Camisole In Leopard Print. Worn with a blazer on top and some jeans, it will look bomb.


What are your thoughts on leopard print?




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