Bone Daddies Halal Restaurant Review

What can only be described as a rock and roll ramen restaurant, Bones Daddies has certainly won over the heart of London. Starting with just one restaurant in Soho in 2012, the Bone Daddies family are now boasting six restaurants. Now I’m someone who has always shied away from Japanese/Chinse food, therefore I’ve never actually ahd ramen before. I’ve heard so many people gush over how amazing it is so I thought it was about time I gave it a go and what better place to eat it then at Bone Daddies.

Bone Daddies Soho

I’ll be honest, I’m not really very keen on shared tables (a la wagamama) and even worse is sitting on stools. Still, I completely get that they’ve tried to keep in line with Tokyo style restaurants. Luckily, the restaurant did have plenty of hooks around to hand coats and bags up.

The restaurant interior is characterised by bold red and white walls decorated by Japanese rockabilly prints, all in all it worked very well. I loved that it was very clean too, nothing was sticky or grimy or looked out of place.
Luckily we visited on a weekday afternoon so it wasn’t very busy at all and didn’t have to share tables but as soon as we sat down it started to pick up and I can just imagine the queue in the evenings and on weekends.

Bone Daddies Bibs and Hair ties

Whilst we perused the menu, I had a quick look at the condiments on every table and I was both intrigued and impressed. First of all, they offer bibs and hair ties. BIBS and HAIR TIES guys! How freaking awesome and thoughtful is that! There was of course chopsticks but no forks. Once the food arrived (in good time might I add), I did sheepishly call over a waiter to request a fork. My hands aren’t quite accustomed to using chopsticks (yet!) so I thought I’d be safe and stick with a fork. Luckily they had them on hand.
Other condiments included garlic, sesame seeds, chilli oil and some sort of chilli sauce. Perfect compliments to any ramen dish. I helped myself to the sesame seeds and got stuck in.

My best friend Shamz and I both ordered the ‘Curry Ramen’. I had had confirmation that the chicken was halal so I was determined to try a chicken dish. Looking at the menu, curry was broken down as fried chicken, patron peppers, cabbage and Tokyo wavy noodles in a chicken bone broth. Sounded like a strange combo but nonetheless an interesting one.
I couldn’t really comprehend eating fried chicken in any other way that out of a takeaway box (ordered from Dixy) and I was a bit worried that the fried chicken which I like crispy would become soggy and gross, but nope. It just tasted better and better with every mouthful.

Bone Daddies Curry Ramen

Bone daddies mocktails

The Pornstar Mocktail

Curry ramen was priced at £12.30 which for me is pretty reasonable. The bowl is a generous size and they don’t skimp on the chicken either.

My first ever taste of the Japanese soul food has been seriously amazing. Bone Daddies as a whole is a great dining experience and I would definitely visit again!

Address – Bone Daddies, 31 Peter Street, London W1F 0AR
Web –
Telephone – 020 7287 8581 (No reservations)



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