Burgista Bros Baker Street Review

I’m going to be honest here, the standard of gourmet burger places in London have reached all new heights. Competition is seriously tough and now, just any old burger won’t do I’m afraid, it has to be a full on experience! Still, even with new joints cropping up all over the place I’ve been trying to eat well and only eat junk when I really really have to. So this week when I wasn’t feeling too great, I decided to go for a quick pick me up at Burgista Bros.

Burgista Bros Review

They currently have 3 different branches and as I was passing through Central London, I decided to visit their Baker Street branch. Having never been there before, I did a quick search on reviews beforehand and most people seemed  happy with their food. The location was perfect as it’s literally opposite Baker Street station and I was impressed even before I got in because the exterior looked fantastic. I liked the branding and that it followed through inside with the decor. The shop itself is very small and quite narrow so I’d imagine it getting very cramped at peak times. Luckily I went on a Tuesday afternoon so it wasn’t too busy at all.

Burgista Bros Review

 The menu isn’t extensive but this is usually good as it means they can focus their efforts on the small selection that they do have. I was reassured that the food was halal but in a bid to be ever so slightly healthy I opted for the veggie burger and my friend T ordered the Mexicali Spicy burger. Both orders come with rosemary fries and a soft drink.

The service was slightly different to other gourmet burger restaurants I’ve been to because here at Burgista Bros you have to go up and order/pay before your meal. Once you’re done you can go back to your seats and wait for the buzzer to go off which indicates your food is ready to pick up. So in essence the Burgista Bros experience was a more of a fast food experience rather than a restaurant. I was OK with that I guess but what I didn’t like was that I had to get up to get my own drink, condiments and cutlery.

Burgista Bros Halal

The condiments were the standard mustard, mayo and chilli sauce but I was disappointed with the tiny paper pots you can put your sauces in because I use my sauces liberally. I’m not a fan of soft drinks that are made from a draughts machine either. They’re made from a syrup that doesn’t taste quite right and isn’t fizzy at all but they didn’t have canned drinks so I was out of luck.

The burgers were made in good time and there was a slight mix up with out order but the staff were friendly and apologised. Going by just the look of the food, I was really looking forward to eating the burger. Unfortunately for me, that’s as good as it got because when I tasted it I wasn’t that impressed. Both the meat and veggie burgers lacked in flavour. It needed to be seasoned much more and if I’m honest, even Nando’s veggie option tastes better. Still, I have to say that both burgers were really moist and the bun was fresh. I liked the rosemary fries too. The drink, as expected was flat and tasted like sugary water. Overall I liked my food but I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it. Would I go there again? Sorry Burgista Bros but probably not.

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