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I keep looking back at pictures of my pink/purple hair and I’m yearning to go back to it. I do however remember just how much maintenance it is and then I sit back down again! I’m so busy juggling my day time job, blogging and my business that I need shortcuts and quick fixes to everything. Sometimes I barely even have time to comb my hair, let alone sit and wait for dye to work. Something I’ve never ever thought about wearing is an actual wig to give my look a little shakeup, that is until I came across Divatress.

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Divatress offer a number of different wigs and hair care products to help you transform your locks into a brand new you. Since I’m a complete wig novice (apart from the crazy clown hair from Poundland I used for Halloween) I had no idea what lace front wigs actually meant. After a bit of research I found that lace front wigs are actually a popular option if you are looking for a piece that imitates a natural hairline and gives you a full look. These wigs are a more affordable option than the full lace wigs, and you can part your hair as desired over the lace section. I was intrigued!

I spent ages searching through the lace front human hair wigs on Divatress’ website and the selection is impressive. The fact that I can have coloured or even curled hair without worrying that the curls will take forever to do before I go out is mind-boggling. Why on earth didn’t I think of this before??

Considering the wigs are human hair, the prices are actually really affordable. Now all I have to do is figure out which look I want to go for! For those of you who are not that keen on wearing actual human hair, perhaps for ethical reasons, they do have synthetic options too. I’m so so tempted to get the grey ombre which I was hoping to get done this summer.

If you’re looking to change up your hair at a moment’s notice too, then I’d definitely recommend you check out Divatress. The lace front wigs start around $19.95 so it’s the perfect way to try something new without breaking the bank!

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